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What Keylogger for iPhone can do and why you should use it

Keylogger for iPhone

iPhone keylogger app is a piece of software for mobile that logs every key pressed on target device’s keyboard. Today, they are widely used for smartphones and tablets as they become “the first screen” for messaging and web surfing. Keylogger runs hidden in the background of an Apple gadget and captures personal messages, passwords, credit card numbers, website addresses, and everything else a user of monitored device types.

Although keyloggers are commonly perceived as some sort of obscure spyware, it’s far from being 100% true. Today, they contribute to a noble cause of protecting those who can’t or don’t know how to protect themselves, for example, children.


Nowadays, kids use mobile devices on a daily basis with iPhone being one of the most popular gadgets among them. It brings the Internet with all its pitfalls and dangers at their finger tips. At the same time, according to McAfee Digital Deception study, almost half of parents of teens with a smartphone aren’t aware of their kids taking different measures to hide their online behavior.

That’s why iPhone key logger is a must-have for concerned parents. It lets you monitor each tap on a touchscreen and every button your kid hits while using a cell phone or a tablet. This means that parents are enabled to view even deleted messages to stay aware of what's going on in their kids' life.

Five Essential Uses for Keyloggers

For parents, knowing what their kid is up to is very important. With keystroke logger, iPhone gadget can be easily turned into a tracking device that reports all of the typing activities that take place on it.

Thus, you can use it to:

  • Check MarkGet the full log from any text messaging app and see inappropriate words your kids use.
  • Check MarkObtain the log of all social network publications they make.
  • Check MarkGet an idea of the type of websites they visit.
  • Check MarkView passwords they set and change them if it’s needed.
  • Check MarkProtect your children from strangers, bullies, predators, and other digital threats.

It’s natural that kids tend to keep their private life secret from their parents and see any attempt to monitor their activity as an invasion of their privacy. At the same time, it means that if (or when) kids turn out to be in danger, parents might have no idea about the threat to avert or even prevent it.

So if you want to stay informed about your kids’ digital life even when you’re not nearby, protect them from online dangers, and track texts they type on iPhone – monitor keyboard of their devices with Pumpic parental control keylogger feature.

Keylogger Parental Controls

How Pumpic iPhone Keylogger Secures Your Kid

cell phone monitoring

Monitor what your kid types

  • View texts from any messaging app
  • Monitor SMS
  • Look through deleted messages
remote mobile monitoring

Follow Internet activity

  • Monitor social networks posts
  • View passwords
  • Follow browsing history
monitor online activity

Protect your kid remotely

  • Avert cyberbullies
  • Track contacts with strangers
  • View logs from your Control Panel

All-Round Protection, Outstanding Experience

Pumpic is reliable parental control software with wide range of impressive features, specially designed to protect kids by monitoring their mobile devices. Apart from keylogger on iPhone, the app lets you follow all aspects of your kid’s life. Bearing in mind that children and their smartphones are nearly impossible to separate these days, Pumpic enables parents to monitor their kids’ activity constantly and remotely anytime, anywhere.
  • Monitor SMS and MMS
  • Monitor Calls History
  • View Calendar
  • View Contacts
  • View Emails
  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Control Browser
  • Control Applications
  • View Bookmarks
  • View Notes
  • Block Device
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Monitor Skype
  • Monitor Facebook IM
  • Monitor Viber
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Monitor Kik
  • Monitor Snapchat
  • SMS Commands
  • View All Features

Over 10 000 Happy and Grateful Customers Worldwide:

Gerard H. – father of 17-year-old daughter

“Pumpic’s keylogger feature is a life-savior. I noticed that my girl became nervous and had rapid mood changes, but she never wanted to talk about what’s going on. I had no choice but to install a monitoring app on her iPhone. When looking through keystroke log with her Kik messages, I realized that one of her classmates bullied her. After I had talked to his parents, he stopped. My girl is OK now. Don’t even know how I could discover the problem without Pumpic.”

Aline W. – mother of 14-year-old son

“I have a teen son – and he’s a real pain in the rear (oh, boys – what else can I say?). He was spending too much time with his iPhone. First, I thought he was playing online games or whatever teens play, but he didn’t want to show or talk about it. Looking through apps he used and browser history didn’t help – he was clearing it every day. With a keylogger, I was able to see even deleted website addresses he visited… Well, after that his dad and I had a long about birds and bees talk with him :) Thank you, Pumpic, you saved me a lot of nerve.”

Matthew T. – father of 15-year-old son

“Definitely worth the investment. I’ve looked through several parental monitoring apps and picked Pumpic for its simplicity and a wide range of features. It’s got all I need to track and control my reckless kid. Yes, it cost me a buck, but I’m not the one to scrimp on my offspring’s safety. I regularly use every one of Pumpic’s two dozen functions, with GPS tracker and keylogger being the most useful. Good app for good parents.”