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Is Facebook a Secure Place For Your Child?

December 25, 2014
Pumpic secures Facebook

You are probably not aware of Facebook security, and that is why you allow your children to use this social network at their own choice. It is in your own hands to improve the security of your children’s accounts and save them from inappropriate actions, which online predators or cyberbullies may cause to them.

First of all, you need to secure your child’s personal information. Some individuals may say that you can rely on Facebook privacy policy, but it will not be enough. You should explain your child the importance of his or her online reputation, and how it may affect his or her future life. For example, when they will apply for a college or future job. Simply sit down near your son or daughter and talk about your thoughts and main rules of online identity safety. Try to listen to his or her opinion regarding this matter. It will help you figure out how your beloved boy or girl will plan to use a Facebook account in the near future.

If you have your own profile in this social network, you can send a friend request to your child by letting him or her know that you are here as well and always ready to help. Try to establish friendly relations with your child. It will definitely help you to not only control him or her, but also form a good partnership.

Ask your child to show you his or her profile. It will help you investigate which type of information he or she has puts there. You can also investigate privacy controls and other similar settings, which can help you protect your child from different threats.

Do not forget to check your child’s photos and wall posts. Remind your son or daughter that Facebook is a multinational network, which consists of too many different users. That is why it is so important to moderate all posts, messages and status updates, which he or she will post there.

The last but not the least way to protect your child’s social network account is to show him or her how Facebook privacy settings work. Your child should learn how he or she can activate the highest level of security on the web.

Rachel Fowlers
Rachel Flowers is a journalist with a big passion for technologies. She has recently graduated from San Francisco State University and sees herself as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about computer and mobile technologies as well as different software. In her free time, she learns coding and foreign languages. Contact .

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