Cell Phone Monitoring Features

  • iOS 6.0 - 14 (iCloud)
  • Android 2.2 - 12
  • Texts
    • SMS, MMS, iMessage text content and supported attachments
  • Photos
    • camera shots, downloaded files
  • Browser
    • browsing history, bookmarks
  • Calendar
    • scheduled plans and events

Compatible with iOS 6.0 - 12 (iCloud) on iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch

more than 11 features of remote mobile tracking with Pumpic.

View, track mobile activity remotely with Pumpic.
Keep your eyes open!


  • Calls

Follow incoming and outgoing call logs with precise contact data including name, number, time of the call and its duration. Find out who reaches the target phone, at what time and for how long.

  • Location

Instantly locate the target device on the map. Keep track of current position as well as the entire route history by using GPS. Find the target device, if lost or stolen.

  • Browser control
  • Bookmarks

Monitor browsing history and view websites visited from the target device. Check bookmarks (up to iOS 12).

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Notes

View Notes on iPhones, iPads, and iPods Touch (up to iOS 8.4.1). Find out plans and intentions. Follow important information, to-do lists, as well as written down thoughts.

Trusted by Over 10,000 Customers Worldwide:

Jessica H. – mother of 12-year-old son

“With all the features that Pumpic provides I can easily keep track of what my boy is doing on his smartphone. It is irreplaceable help for parents I think. Kids are addicted to their gadgets today. And considering how many threats there are on the Internet mobile monitoring like this is must have if your kid has a mobile device.”

Steven B. – father of 15-year-old daughter

“All parents are concerned of their kids. Especially if you are a dad of a teenage girl. Pumpic leaves me assured that my girl is safe wherever she is. Even if I’m not nearby I know where she is and what she is doing. The app lets me view her online activities and communication with friends. It provides parents with amazing opportunity to stay close from a distance.”

Laura G. – mother of 16-year-old son

“As soon as you realize how much time kids spend on their gadgets and how many dangers they might face online your worriless life ends. Pumpic solves the problem of all these worries and gives you a chance to take part in your kids’ activities on the Internet without taking away their gadgets. All parents should have such an app, if they want to protect their kids appropriately.”

pumpic testimonial from jane a

Jane A. – mother of twins

“Are there such parental controls on Android phones, I wonder? I use Pumpic monitoring software on iPhone now and with it, parenting is much easier for me. The app helps big time. I can monitor my son’s phone calls, texts messages, and social media to save him from online predators and misgiving contacts. I’m also going to install it on my daughters’ Nexus as well.”

pumpic testimonial from karen and mike

Karen and Mike – parents of 12-year-old daughter

“Our girl was acting weird after we moved to another state. When we installed the Pumpic child tracking app on her iPhone, we found out that she was being bullied by her classmate on Facebook. We’ve met with teachers and parents and talked the whole thing out. Thank you!”

pumpic testimonial from logan t

Logan T – father of 14-year-old son

“Pumpic is a really good mobile tracking software for Android. It lets me feel that my son is safe. Now, I can keep an eye on my child even when I’m far from home. I can block 18+ websites and applications. It’s good to know that my boy is protected no matter am I around or not. This parental monitoring app is just what I needed.”