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Reviews of Parental Controls for Android

Kids Zone Parental Controls Review

kids zone mobile screen kids zone logo

The first parental control for Android to begin our reviews with is the Kids Zone App. It allows creating a profile for your child on your smartphone or tablet. In the profile, you can choose applications that you allow your child to use. In addition, you can select a unique wallpaper for your kid to enjoy his or her profile and set a secret password to prevent him or her from changing restrictions.

With the help of Kids Zone, parents can prevent their children from using various phone activities and accessing restricted directories. You secure a separate kid zone applying app restrictions. This parental lock lets your kids safely use your device and enjoy playing games and other activities with no chance to get into trouble, face inappropriate content, or delete sensitive information from your cell phone.

The application also provides parents with an ability to apply time-outs. You can specify the time during which your child can use your device. As soon as the time is over, your kid has no access to the gadget. To let your kid use the device again, you should rearrange limits.

Additionally, there are some other interesting features that the app provides. You can block making phone calls and sending text messages, accessing the Internet, and other device activities.

If you buy a PRO version of the app, you will also be able to make individual profiles for each of your children. Moreover, a quick-to-call feature will become available to you. It means you will be able to quickly unlock the phone to take an incoming call.

Kids Zone is a good app, but many users point that it needs reasonable modifications to provide reliable security. Thus, you will need to get another application able to piece out a shortage of features Kids Zone lacks.

Pumpic Review

Pumpic mobile monitoring app screen Pumpic logo

Pumpic parental monitoring app was designed to make a kid’s smartphone or tablet as safe to use as it is only possible. By utilizing Pumpic's comprehensive features, you can collect the most important information about your child's communications and online activity in one secure place – web-based Control Panel. The app is meant for ethical and legal monitoring, so its icon is visible on the phone's Applications dashboard. However, Pumpic is protected with a password, and thus, children cannot delete it or make any changes to the app's settings.

Users can adopt either Pumpic Basic or Premium subscription, both compatible with Android 2.2-6.0.1. The only difference between them is the number of features. For the Basic subscription, it's 15, and for the Premium, it's 26 features.

  • Check MarkWhat's similar? With both solutions, you can view and/or block calls, SMS (for the Basic, the monthly limit is 700 calls and 300 SMS), visited websites, emails, photos, contacts, calendar. Applications management, location tracking, geofences setting are also available.
  • Check MarkWhat's different? With the Premium, you can track unlimited calls and SMS, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Snapchat (text messages only) plus Instagram and Facebook. Apps and device management features are somewhat broader in the Premium subscription.

Pumpic's functionality and reliability provide grounds to call it one of the best parental control software for Android available on the market. Among few drawbacks we can single out is that the root may be needed to take advantage of some monitoring features. Still, the app provides actionable insights to kids' digital lives and enables parents to protect their children from cyberbullying, sexting, online predators' attacks, objectionable content, and other online perils. At that, it is really cost-effective with the pricing starting at $5.33 per month for Basic and
$6.99 per month for Premium subscription.

Altogether, these characteristics make Pumpic one of the apps that parents who decide to monitor their children should definitely try.

My Mobile Watchdog Review

my mobile watchdog mobile screen my mobile watchdog logo

In the whole market of parental monitoring apps, My Mobile Watchdog is one of the best choices for those parents who want to have a whole number of options the manufacturer’s parental control misses in modern smartphones. This app allows parents to monitor all the activities on child’s phone, including its location track, and calls checks.

What is especially convenient about My Mobile Watchdog app is the opportunity to view the whole text messages history including the recently deleted ones and pictures that were sent inside them. This helps to prevent any sexting that is highly spread among teenagers. About 90% of teenagers have seen pornography on their mobile devices, but the app also allows blocking websites and view browser use history, so that you ensure the child is not getting any unneeded information.

If you are worried about your child doing dumb things with their phone, of that the device might become a distraction, the blocking option for disabling the use of the whole phone during certain period (like homework time), as well as blocking the use of camera would surely come in handy for you.

My Mobile Watchdog Android app is recommended by TV, radio and newspaper experts for those parents who care about their children security and wellbeing. It would at the same time protect the kid from the external threats like suspicious and dangerous people online.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Review

kaspersky safe kids mobile screen kaspersky safe kids logo

The app allows parents to limit the time children spend on their smartphones and tablets. In addition, parents can restrict inappropriate applications, websites, and other information. Find out about children’s friends, social media posts, and track location.

Kaspersky parental control features a kid mode that protects children against adult websites and mobile apps. It also lets set this kid mode on the Internet. Geo-fencing allows tracking your children whereabouts and receiving alerts if they leave or enter specified areas on the map.

The main goal of the Kaspersky Safe Kids application is to help you set the balance between your kids’ digital life and reality. With it, you will be able to manage children’s time and find the right one for work and fun. Thus, you will be sure they don’t waste their time, but spend it efficiently and know what it takes to deserve playing mobile games or surfing the Internet.

Internet use becomes safer too with Kaspersky Safe Kids. You can easily prevent them from accessing inappropriate materials and specify content children are allowed to see. The app seems to be really good; however, some users complain that Kaspersky Safe Kids fails to work appropriately on some smartphone models while some parental control features require serious improvements.

Net Nanny Review

net nanny mobile screen net nanny logo

For parents raising kids in modern day technology world, their security is one of the biggest headaches to fight with every day. And due to all the risky content there is on the Internet, the struggle of whether or not a teen (of even a child) should have complete freedom in surfing the web is real. But with Net Nanny, parents can finally relax and mind their own business, as kids would be safe and sound, and protected from all the inappropriate content.

Net Nanny application belongs to the large group of parental monitoring app, but at some points it differs from other ones you might choose. In fact, whenever someone announces they’ve launched Net Nanny alternative, most of the times it would lack a great part of Nanny functions and options.

Besides from becoming a child’s default browser working on the predefined user profile (which can be either chosen from default age-based ones, or created on your own), the Net Nanny Android app allows parents manage child’s phone settings and control apps they might or might not use on the phone.

From Net Nanny reviews you will learn about the whole amount of services it provides you with. Or you can try the fully functional trial version for 14 days, and get an annual subscription for $12.99 per device.

Bitdefender Parental Control Review

bitdefender mobile screen bitdefender logo

Among the numerous parental control apps offered today Bitdefender is one of few having a pretty decent Free version together with Premium one.

Thus, if you don’t need the extended rights and regulations you need to cast upon your child’ phone you may probably stick to a Free version which currently includes the SMS and calls monitoring, tracking of all the website history and web pages your kid is viewing on the Internet. Going a bit further than others, the Bitdefender app actually allows you to track the words and phrases your child is looking up on the Internet. You would as well control the apps that are used on your child’s phone, so blocking the distracting ones will not be hard.

For $29, 95 per year, one may get a Premium subscription that also includes extended Free features (you would be able to block SMS and calls rather than just monitoring them) together with new features like Facebook monitoring, location tracking and time limiter that allows you restrict the time when the child can actually use the phone. This one would prevent the device from turning into a distraction.

MyBitdefender account you should get upon the installation of the app offers additional blocking rules and restrictions you might want to use for additional security – be sure to check all of them.

McAfee Family Protection Review

mcafee mobile screen mcafee logo

Some people say that modern day Internet is a sort of huge dispenser where every bit of information goes, and depending on what you are looking for it might turn to be full of garbage or a source of incredible and useful information. Do you want to be sure your kid would get into the second group of users?

If you are wondering about what is McAfee Family Protection and how it would help you forget about your kid’s Internet surfing dangers, the answer is simple – it is a high-level Parental Control over your child’s browsing. It basically takes care of all the inappropriate content and websites/web pages that content any information you might not want your child to see.

Providing specific filters and categories for various websites your kid might come across on the Internet, you may prevent him from seeing any of information and websites that can include content connected to ‘drugs,’ ‘gambling’ or other dangers.

The McAfee Family Protection application works with Stock Browser and Google Chrome, and any other browser downloaded to the phone will be deleted by McAfee itself. Being a Device Admin application, McAfee Family Protection is hard to delete from phone unless you actually want it to be gone.

Currently, the app is compatible with Android from 4.03 and up to 6.0 version. The trial version works for 30 days, which is much longer than other apps would normally work. Be sure to check the free version before you purchase the full one.

Pumpic Is More than 24 Monitoring Features

Pumpic stands out among other Android parental control apps thanks to a large variety of useful features and smooth monitoring process. The application covers all spheres of your children’s lives. Thus, you can protect them both online and during daily activities with Pumpic parental monitoring for Android.

Supported OS Versions:

  • IOS
    IOS 6.0 - 11.2
    iCloud password required
  • Android 2.2 - 6.0.1
    Some features require root
  • Monitor SMS and MMS
  • Monitor Calls History
  • View Calendar
  • View Contacts
  • View Emails
  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Control Browser
  • Control Applications
  • View Bookmarks
  • View Notes
  • Block Device
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Monitor Skype
  • Monitor Facebook IM
  • Monitor Viber
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Monitor Kik
  • Monitor Snapchat
  • SMS Commands

Trusted by Over 10,000 Customers Worldwide:

pumpic testimonial from alex t

Alex T. – father of twins

“I wanted my kids protected in the best way possible, and that’s why I was looking for a good parental control app for their cell phones. I searched a lot and asked other parents for advice. They offered me different software, but most of them used Pumpic and were satisfied with it. I decided to give Pumpic a try too. And you know what? It is great! You can’t even imagine how many useful utilities a careful parent can find in this one app. With it, my kids are protected, I’m sure. I can see who calls them and writes text messages. I can even control all of their activities on the web remotely. It’s fantastic to have such a helper, especially when you’re far away from home.”

pumpic testimonial from steve a

Steve A. – father of 14-year-old son

“My college shared a link on Facebook with a review of the best parental control apps for Android. That was an unexpected pleasure as I’d been looking for monitoring for my kid then. I read it and Pumpic attracted my attention among others. First of all the app has a great design. I really liked that it looked good and was very easy-to-use. When I tried a month subscription, I was so happy to see that this app can do anything I need to secure my son on his smartphone. I now monitor his calls, text messages, track his location when I’m not sure where he actually is. And Internet monitoring is a huge benefit. I can prevent him from visiting misgiving websites and seeing adult content. Strongly recommend the app to parents!”

pumpic testimonial from nina l

Nina L. – mother of 15-year-old son

“If you are looking for a reliable parental tracking app, you are on the right track. Pumpic is a very helpful application. I work every day and sometimes come back home late. My son stays home alone, and no one knows what kind of activities he is engaged in when I’m not near. With Pumpic I can see it all and control it all. I know where he goes and where he’s been to. I can see every web page he visits and control each word he types in. I’m sure he won’t get in trouble nor hang out with a bad company. Pumpic is a good opportunity for me to work hard and succeed in parenting. Sure such an app won’t replace you as a mother, but it will keep your child safe. What else could you ask for?!”