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  • Calls & SMS
    • Call history
    • Text message history
  • Social Media
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
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iPad Air Parental Controls Application

iPad Air is one of the most wanted tablets there is. With a big, bright, vivid screen, huge potential, powerful, scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating, this gadget is definitely a must-have for teens and kids of all ages. It combines a portability of a handheld device with possibilities of powerful iOS and all tools and apps the App Store and iTunes can propose.

IPad Air can offer a helping hand in many spheres of life including communication, entertainment, education, work, etc. However, parents should not forget about the dangers that easy access to the Internet hides.

Usage of the Instant Messengers, accounts on the social media sites and chat rooms hide online predators, cyberbullying, cyberstalking and leakage of personal information. Are you sure that the possibilities of the parental control iPad air are enough to protect your children?

Usually parental controls are limited by blocking the access to the build-in apps like Safari or blocking the installation of new apps. Still, this feature is not that effective. Parents have to enforce protection of the kids with the usage of parental control applications like Pumpic app.

How Pumpic can improve parental control on iPad Air?

Pumpic is duly appreciated because of the enhanced set of features that are rarely found in common parental control apps. It is not just a monitoring but also a managing app that can control online and offline activities of the target device. Pumpic can monitor:

  • GPS location and set geo-fences;
  • Social media and inform parents if the child receives messages from unknown or suspicious contacts;
  • All text messages including emails and the IM chats.