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OS: iOS Versions: 6.0 - 11.0.3

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  • Calls & SMS
    • Call history
    • Text message history
  • Social Media
    • Skype
    • WhatsApp
    • Kik
  • Browsing
    • Browsing history
    • Bookmarks
  • Other features
    • Location history
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Photos
    • Historical data
    • Notes
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iPhone 6 Parental Controls

Pumpic introduces a new and reasonably improved iPhone 6 tracking app, designed to provide your kids with constant safety and protection. Use the ultimate monitoring software to control cell phone usage and online activity remotely. With a reliable app for parental control iPhone 6 can be turned into a great tool to raise parents' awareness of what their kids are up to.

Protect Children with Pumpic

The application by Pumpic allows you to take care of your children, even when you are at work or away. Follow call logs and SMS data, including a name and number, as well as time and duration of each conversation. View multimedia files to see all pics and photos shot or downloaded from the Internet. With iPhone 6 tracker online activity of the target device user is completely visible to you: monitor websites visited, applications set up, bookmarks and more.

How to Monitor iPhone 6

Generally, you can track Apple devices in two ways – with or without jailbreak, and for different purposes – spying or monitoring. For many, the jailbreak is not an option as it carries many technical risks plus voids Apple warranty. Hence, the majority of users seek methods to track iPhones or iPads without jailbreaking iOS. Actually, there are a considerable number of technical solutions that implement this approach. The thing is that they are mostly meant to spy on iPhone 6 without jailbreak and are intentionally made undetectable. Thus, they are not suitable for parental monitoring as undermine trust between grown-ups and kids. Moreover, the legality and reliability of such iPhone 6 spyware without jailbreak are often questionable. It's advisable to not to use them for child mobile monitoring.

On the other hand, Pumpic provides you with fully legal and ethical monitoring tool with the advanced tracking opportunities. Pick a subscription plan and install the app to start viewing all the information from the target device right in your Control Panel.