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OS: iOS Versions: 6.0 - 11.0.3

Have a look at the data you will be able to monitor on your Apple iPhone 6s.

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  • Calls & SMS
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    • Text message history
  • Social Media
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Pumpic iPhone 6s compatibility

The Pumpic mobile app is completely compatible with iPhone 6S. This high-quality mobile device by the Apple company supports all the features of the app and allows you utilize all the benefits of reliable remote monitoring to the fullest. Install the app on the target device and start protecting your children right away. With our enhanced iPhone 6s parental controls, one can supervise device use, track location, and follow online activities easily. Find out how to install Pumpic on iPhone 6s from an email you will receive after purchasing a subscription plan.

Setting up iPhone 6s tracker

Setting up Apple devices monitoring without jailbreak is quite easy and should not take you longer than 5-10 minutes. You just need to accurately follow instructions provided in the installation guide. But before dealing with mobile monitoring apps, one must know all the peculiarities of this area.

Basically, there are two approaches to tracking smartphones and tablets - spying and monitoring. Generally, spyware for iPhone 6s is intentionally made undetectable, which throws into question its legality. Oftentimes, such software is used by one adult to track another adult. For example, a jealous man can secretly follow his girlfriend's or wife's phone to find out if she's cheating on him.

In turn, legal monitoring has another modus operandi focusing on legality and letting the owner of the monitored device know that his or her activity is being watched. Ultimately, such solutions are not specifically designed to spy on iPhone 6s or other Apple devices. Thus, they are much more suitable for parental monitoring.