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Have a look at the data you will be able to monitor on your Apple iPhone 7.

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Pumpic iPhone 7 compatibility

The Pumpic mobile parental app fully supports iPhone 7 with its iCloud Monitoring Solution (without jailbreak). This means you can utilize Pumpic’s comprehensive parental monitoring features and enhance iPhone 7 parental controls without the need to jailbreak iOS 10 mobile operating system.

Apple iPhone 7 release: what’s new?

After Apple has officially introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus all eyes were turned to the new devices. And for a good reason - new smartphones have received a number of innovations. Among the most prominent iPhone 7 features, we can name waterproof design, the new generation of camera, headphone 3,5 jack elimination, and powerful processor A10.

Kids Safety Monitoring on iPhone 7

Are you planning to buy the latest Apple smartphone for your kid? Then, probably, the thought about keeping an eye on his or her activity on the device has crossed your mind. One of the ways to deal with the issue is to spy on iPhone using the undetectable software. But this is a dangerous choice in terms of maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your child. Once your kid finds out that you had invaded their privacy without them knowing, your relationship would be severely damaged. Also, spyware for iPhone could impact the device's performance or even 'brick' it. Alternatively, you can opt to try parental monitoring solution.

Consider installing Pumpic monitoring app to overlook his online and offline activities. It is the easiest and the most effective way for you to monitor child’s smartphone or tablet. Safe and quick, it gives you a chance to control kid’s phone wherever he goes. With plenty of online dangers waiting for kids out there, parents have all rights to be worried. Full access to calls and text messages, GPS data, and Internet browsing is your key to securing your child safety every day.

Setting up Pumpic on Apple iPhone 7

Pumpic iCloud Monitoring Solution that supports iPhone 7 and its iOS 10 doesn’t require the iPhone 7 tracker app to be installed on the monitored device. Generally, all you need is target iCloud (Apple ID) password. In most cases, you don’t even need physical access to the target iPhone. It’s only necessary when you might need to enable iCloud backup manually.