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OS: AndroidVersions: 2.2 - 6.0.1

Have a look at the data you will be able to monitor on your rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

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  • Calls & SMS
    • Call history
    • Call blocking
    • Text message history
    • SMS blocking
    • Block SMS by keywords
    • SMS daily limiting
  • Social Media
    • Skype
    • Viber
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Kik
    • Snapchat
  • Apps Control
    • Application list
    • App blocking
    • Keylogger
  • Browsing
    • Browsing history
    • Bookmarks
    • Website blocking
  • Other features
    • Location history
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Photos
    • Emails
    • Videos
    • Historical
    • SMS commands
    • SIM card change alert
    • Reboot device
    • Geo-fences
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Pumpic Offers Improved Parental Controls for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is one of the greatest kids’ desires, as it is powerful, user-friendly, and perfect for entertaining purposes. The screen of the tablet works brilliantly while playing games and it is adapted for the most convenient surfing through the Internet.

What Can Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Parental Controls Do?

Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet parental controls leave much to be desired as Android OS itself doesn’t propose many features that help parents limit activities of kids. Kids Mode is considered an attempt to improve parental controls on Galaxy Tab 3. However, too few features can be supervised with its help. In addition, owners of Galaxy Tab 3 can take an advantage of Google’s parental controls – at Google Play Store parents can block access to the age-inappropriate content and secure a possibility to make payments with help of a PIN code. All other children’s activities remain unsupervised. In order to strengthen parental controls on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, it is essential to install a remote monitoring app compatible with Android OS and the device itself.

Pumpic – The Most Powerful App for Parents

Pumpic is fully compatible with Android, Samsung devices in particular. It is one of those advisable apps that can improve Galaxy Tab 3 parental controls by allowing parents to:

  • Block inappropriate websites and apps;
  • Limit the amount of outgoing SMS;
  • Set Geo-fences;
  • Monitor emails, social media, and IM chats;
  • Look through browsing history;
  • Check a contact list;
  • Keep track of call logs.

One of the main advantages of Pumpic is a possibility to manage all activities with help of the Control Panel. It can also work as an anti-theft tool whereby parents can lock the target device and swipe any data remotely.