Can You Really Afford Not to Monitor Your Employees?

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Fundamentally, business is all about making money. Simply put, increase revenues and reduce costs – and you most likely will be able to keep your company running. But in the modern hi-tech world, the true business success is hardly possible without exercising a data-driven approach in various processes within your venture. Employee monitoring is one of them.

An American market and business analyst Arthur C. Nielsen once said: "The price of light is less than the cost of darkness." The core behind these words is that collecting and analyzing data is well worth the cost. Today, when gathering, measuring and analyzing all possible metrics is arguably the most important part of any business, we surely can apply Nielsen's words to employee monitoring.

Over an extended period, this sphere was limited to checking clock in and out time. Nowadays, it's focused mostly on employees' productivity and data security. Because staff wasting time and causing security breaches is the employer's waste of money.

According to a 2016 University of Nevada study, employees using working hours for non-work activities costs U.S. companies as much as $85 billion a year. As discovered by, adverse consequences of wasting time at work include:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Compromised quality of work
  • Missed deadlines
  • Negative impact on boss/employee relationship
  • Lower staff morale
  • Negative impact on client relationships

Here are the major pros of such approach:

Improve Staff Performance
30-40% of lost productivity is accounted for by cyberslacking. Hence, when employees know that they are being monitored, they tend to waste less time. Also, thanks to monitoring, the employer can find costly errors and help workers trough guidance.
Мinimize Legal and Security Risks
Nearly 60% of security breaches and industrial espionage are committed within the company. They can cost organizations millions of dollars. Also, employee monitoring helps to prevent harassment among colleagues and avoid harassment-related lawsuits.
Streamline Business Processes
Employee monitoring shows which business processes are working good and which are glitching. Accordingly, you can distribute organizational resources appropriately to streamline workflows.
The result won't be long in coming.

Of course, there are cons of monitoring employees' activities and interactions, too. If used in the wrong manner, some types of employee monitoring can be deemed illegitimate and violate workers' privacy. It also must be taken into consideration that for some jobs (mostly, creative ones), distraction is kind of 'operational need.' Then, a brief look at social media feed or chat with a co-worker about the last episode of popular show is just a method to chill and 'reboot' the brain before focusing on the current task again. In such cases, too strict monitoring may stress the employee out and damage relationship between him and his boss. In the vast majority of other instances, employee monitoring increasingly makes business sense.

Today, employers use different software for employee monitoring and content filtering on in-house computers and laptops. But mobile devices are often out of sight. In times, when remote work becomes mainstream and even glasses can access the Internet, monitoring staff members' mobile devices must be in the spotlight.

Get in Control with Pumpic Employee Monitoring Solutions

Pumpic is a legal mobile software designed for comprehensive remote monitoring of smartphones and tablets. The app's implementation is fast and simple; using it is secure and very easy by courtesy of intuitive interface. Once set up, Pumpic is ready to show how your staff uses devices and the Internet. It also provides you with the ability to tweak individual permissions for employees of different rank or access level. Depending on the solution you choose, Pumpic lets you manage the target device and applications limits. Here is the list of the most demanded features that make things easier for any employer:

  • Calls & SMS tracking
  • Monitoring employee email
  • Instant messaging checkup:
    WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber
  • Browser history viewing
  • Location tracking

Pumpic is available for both most popular mobile operating systems – iOS and Android. Apart from being meant for different platforms, there is another key difference between these solutions. While the iOS solution is based on iCloud monitoring and doesn't require app installation, for Android, you must install the app on the target device and need to root it. Let's have a closer look at Pumpic solutions and their monitoring capabilities:

iOS (iCloud) Solution

Simple yet powerful, this solution is compatible with iOS versions up to 10+ and requires minimum technical hassle.

  • 11 monitoring features
  • NO APP installed on the monitored device
  • Surveil iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch w/o jailbreak
  • Target iCloud (Apple ID) password is required
  • Physical access to the device might be needed

The iOS (iCloud) solution provides the optimal balance between monitoring the most important data and technical simplicity.

Pumpic Types of Employee Monitoring

Works with Android versions up to 6.0.1. Allows broad online messaging monitoring
plus e-mail and Facebook.

  • 26 monitoring features
  • APP IS INSTALLED on the target device
  • Root is not required for installation but is needed for some features
  • The app is visible but protected from changes with a password
  • Physical access to the target device is required

A powerful solution to keep track of any activity on rooted Android phones and remotely manage devices or apps.

Thanks to its comprehensive functionality, Pumpic provides businesses with extensive employee monitoring data. Companies then can turn this valuable information into actionable insights to increase staff's productivity, prevent financial losses, and minimize risks of security breaches. The full monitoring reports by Pumpic are available in the web-based Control Panel that can be accessed at any time via any Internet browser. Besides communication tracking information from the target device, in the CP you can view multimedia files, contacts, calendar, notes, etc.

Also, you can take advantage of a designated free Control Panel App (CP App). It was developed both for iOS and Android aiming to simplify on-the-go monitoring. To avoid information piling, the CP App's functionality is limited to displaying only the most important tracking data – call and text logs, browsing history, contacts, and location.

Scroll down to check the full list of Pumpic solutions monitoring features and subscription plans.

Subscription Plans

  • iOS 6.0 - 11.2 (iCloud)
    13 features
  • Android 2.2 - 6.0.1
    26 features

iOS 6.0 - 11.2

iPhone iPad iPod Touch

starting from $39.99/ month

  • Monitor iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch without jailbreak
  • Needs NO APP to be installed on the monitored device
  • Target iCloud (Apple ID) password is required
  • Might require physical access to check/adjust settings
Android 2.2 - 6.0.1 iOS 6.0 - 9.1 (with jailbreak) iCloud iOS 11.2

Need lower price for more devices?

/ month
iCloud monitoring features
  • Calls history

    View detailed data on incoming/outgoing calls: name, phone number, time and duration.

  • Text message history

    View text content and supported attachments sent or received via SMS, MMS, and iMessages.

  • WhatsApp

    Track chats and calls on WhatsApp.

  • Calendar

    Monitor scheduled dates and events.

  • Notes

    Track Notes on the target iOS device.
    Up to iOS 8.4.1

  • Bookmarks

    View all websites visited and bookmarked as preferred ones.
    Up to iOS 8.4.1

  • Browsing history

    View all visited websites.

  • Photos

    View all photos stored on a device.

  • Skype

    Track chats and calls on Skype.
    Up to iOS 8.4.1

  • Kik

    Track conversations via Kik.
    iOS 9.0 and up

  • Historical data

    View all the previous data ever stored on a device.

  • Location history

    Track current location as well as the entire route history. Map view available.

  • Contacts

    View contact list including names, addresses, numbers and emails.


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Employee Tracking: Tips & Best Practices

As shown above, using a designated software to track employees' activity or location is highly advisable to increase staff productivity and reduce security risks. But one must remember that employee monitoring – if performed improperly – may cause frictions between the organization and the workers. That's why getting yourself acquainted with the best practices of overseeing employees' mobile devices below is crucial to doing it the right way and achieve the most advantageous results.

Tracking employees
  • Check MarkLet the staff know that they are being watched. It is essential to clearly tell the employees that their activities are being overlooked with the help of digital tools, be it apps for phone/GPS tracking or programs to monitor PC/Mac usage. In some states, informing employees about surveillance is not required by law, but it is a decent way to treat people who keep your business running.
  • Check MarkDevelop straightforward tracking policies. When monitoring the staff, it is imperative to set up an array of clear and transparent arrangements. You should precisely clarify how monitoring is being performed and for what purposes. Ideally, all of this should be assembled in a formal document signed by the employees. When there are strict limits set for the company, the workers feel more protected and comfortable.
  • Check MarkRespect privacy – monitor, do not spy. There is a huge contrast between ethical monitoring and all-round spying on employees. Ensure that you are gathering only the data concerning workers' performance, which is required to fulfill your business tasks. Do you really need to read employees' personal emails? Or their personal communications via instant messengers? Invading workers' privacy definitely won't contribute to maintaining a favorable and friendly environment. It would rather cause tension and conflicts.
  • Check MarkBlock objectionable content. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than treatment or the cure. This is totally true regarding watching the staff digitally. When you restrict access to undesired websites from the very start, you dramatically decrease the chance of employees distracting from their responsibilities. Plus, it allows to save time and resources later, when you need to analyze workers' web surfing data.
  • Check MarkUtilize specialized software to track the staff. As you might have already know, there is an extensive variety of employee supervising applications and trackers. But not all of them will suit your requirements considering the reasons you observe staff activities and the goals you set for it – improving productivity, enhancing security or optimizing workflow. The last but not the least, it has to be non-intrusive.

By following tips and hints described above and using Pumpic monitoring software, you'll get the ability to oversee and control your employees' activities on mobile devices in such a way that will benefit your business and won't deliver troubles to your staff.

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Arnold Mitchel,
Chief Operating Officer

“My duties include ensuring that all our employees follow company's acceptable device use policy for security reasons and workflow optimization to keep staff's productivity at a high level. Pumpic proved to be a very effective tool to help me cope with those tasks. Wish they could add more functions to the iCloud solution. But anyway, it gave valuable insights to improve processes inside the company. Thanks, Pumpic! Highly recommended.”

Rochelle Newman,
Small Business Owner

“I'm running a small family business with a dozen of employees. My primary concerns are spending less, earning more, and keeping it rolling. I work my fingers to the bone to meet these goals, and I expect my staff does the same. Thanks to Pumpic, I know who and when needs an additional 'motivation' to stop wasting my money at work. The app provides great functionality for the cost.”

Gordon Patterson,
Head of Customer Support

“Customer representative is not the most fascinating and captivating job out there. That's why keeping staff focused on getting the job done (and done good) is a real challenge. Especially, when various online distractions are just a click away. Blocking some sites and social networks helps, but not entirely. Pumpic helps me to keep employees' productivity and, as a result, customer satisfaction at a proper level.”

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