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How Pumpic Secures Your Kid

GPS monitoring

Use GPS tracking

  • Keep track of current location
  • Monitor the entire route history
  • Set restricted and safety zones
monitor online activity

Control smartphone use

  • Follow calls and text messages
  • View photos and video files
  • Control and block applications
remote mobile monitoring

Follow Internet activity

  • Monitor browsing and bookmarks
  • Track Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik
  • Follow Facebook IM and Instagram

Geo-fencing and Location Tracking for Android and iOS


Parenting is not the easiest thing in the world, even though it is a rewarding status. And experienced parents would tell you sad truth – with years it does not become easier. They say ‘Small kids mean small troubles, and older kids are bigger troubles’. Hopefully, technologies that fill and shape our modern life can help us with parenting.

Do you remember a blessed and calm feeling you have when your toddler is safely playing in your secure home playpen, or in a sandbox outside? You know exactly where your child is and can be sure nothing bad will happen. As children grow up, you lose a chance to limit their boundaries, which is a natural thing. For growing up a separate personality, we all need a little freedom. But who says you cannot keep watch over your kids’ location and ensure they do not get where not supposed to with the help of geofence on their iPhone?

More than half of teens today – 76% to be precise – have smartphones that accompany their every deed. The best way for you as a parent is to opt for geofence for Android or iPhone of your kid. Some suggest using geofences for their whole family – there is no price for a piece of mind, and knowing your beloved ones are safe where they are is a priceless thing.

teens today own a smartphone they keep around 24/7. This fact provides parents with a good chance of keeping an eye on their beloved offspring. Location tracking and geofencing options help you always know kids’ whereabouts. In addition, if you choose a professional parental control app like Pumpic.
families track kids’ phones through various parental control apps. All the worried parents out there, who care about their kids, should be attentive while choosing a parental control app. A wise choice of the right software will help you fully protect your child from any technology-involved danger.
parents are worried about their children being kidnapped. Even though the number of such crimes has gone down during the last couple of years, you can never know. Geofencing on a kid’s iPhone ensures safety and security. That he or she is always in the right place at the right time.

Geofencing on iOS or Android is a simple and effective way of keeping an eye on kids’ whereabouts and ensure they are right where supposed to be. Using a geofence is not complicated. In fact, a geofence is a virtual boundary you set on a real-life location. Thus, if you know that your kid should go to a football training after classes, you can set geofences for this two places. As long as you are always notified when they enter or leave a preset geofence, you will be able to follow them.

The key to effective location tracking and geofencing is choosing the right application. The Pumpic app, for example, is one of a trusted by thousands of parents.

Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Pumpic always remains at least a step ahead of modern monitoring technologies providing reliable location tracking and geofencing for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones and tablets.

The app includes accurate GPS tracker, which allows you to set geo-fences and follow locations. Once the target device leaves safety zones or enter restricted areas, geofence reminders notify you instantly.

Pumpic is a multitask monitoring solution with wide variety of useful functions. Its reliable tracking features are what every careful parent needs to secure family safety and comprehensive protection.

Supported OS Versions:

  • IOS
    IOS 6.0 - 11.2
    iCloud password required
  • Android 2.2 - 6.0.1
    Some features require root
  • Monitor SMS and MMS
  • Monitor Calls History
  • View Calendar
  • View Contacts
  • View Emails
  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Control Browser
  • Control Applications
  • View Bookmarks
  • View Notes
  • Block Device
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Monitor Skype
  • Monitor Facebook IM
  • Monitor Viber
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Monitor Kik
  • Monitor Snapchat
  • SMS Commands

Trusted by Over 10,000 Customers Worldwide:

Tiffany G. – mother of 15-year-old son

“The app helped me find out that my son was skipping school classes. I used it to geofence his Android tablet and saw that sometimes he left school too early or didn’t enter it at all. Thanks to Pumpic for helping me take care of my boy. It’s amazing that I can use such technologies so easily. I’m 40 years old and I can’t say that I’m a techy person. However, it doesn’t demand from me any technical skills. I just switch it on and everything comes clear to me. I can now control my son and be sure that he won’t ever again miss school or do anything wrong without me knowing. It’s the most reliable geofence app for Android I’ve ever tried.”

Scott J. – father of 16-year-old son

“I’ve recently presented my son his first Apple device. He was so pleased and happy. At the same time, we both agreed that I would set up parental app to receive geofence alerts from his iPhone and check when he leaves school or home and comes back. The app has shown great results since then. I don’t try to snoop into my kids’ activities I’m not supposed to, but it leaves me without any worries while he’s out with friends. If you need to geofence the Apple phone too, I’d recommend you Pumpic.”

John and Megan F. – parents of 14-year-old daughter

“My husband installed this iPhone geofence app on our daughter’s cell a few weeks ago. I didn’t even know there could be anything like that. I can see where she is from my computer and can know for sure the time when she goes out, enters her school and comes back after classes. Great solution. Very easy-to-use and fast. We recommend Pumpic to all careful parents, who really want to be sure their children are safe and protected.”

Steve K. – father of 13-year-old son

“Geofences by Pumpic are what I’ve been looking for. My son used to pass on school, so I needed a tool to control if he leaved it earlier than was supposed to or didn’t go at all. Now I can clearly see where he is and systematically receive notifications about his movements. Other Pumpic’s features are cool too. I can see his calls, texting, Internet and app use. Great app for parents to prevent kids from wasting time on devices.”

Michael A. – father of 15-year-old daughter

“My friend used Pumpic as geofencing software for his children and advised me to try it. So I gave it a try and keep using it for now. The app allows me to not only track location, set geofences and check alerts, but also monitor my girl on the web. I know how dangerous online reality can be for children. That’s why I keep an eye on her online very carefully. And would recommend it to all careful parents.”

Karen M. – mother of 11-year-old son

“Pumpic is very good geofencing for iOS. If your son or daughter has an iPhone it would be a sound solution for you to install it and keep track of your kid. The app will show you his or her whereabouts and allow to receive messages when he or she leaves home and comes bad. The same with school or any other place you specify. Very helpful for parents. I use it for my son and recommend to all friends of mine with kids.”