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How to See Incognito History on Android Phone?

When you use the Internet, your browser automatically saves the results and history of the actions performed. 

The browser history feature is crucial, as it helps people retrace their online trials and revisit websites closed by mistake.

Besides tracking visited sites, the browser history also helps you to monitor your kids, spouse, or employee as it offers information on the websites they frequent and all their online activities, including content downloads. 

Nevertheless, your web browser can only register your online activity when you use it in normal mode. Today, most Android browsers feature a browsing feature that allows complete secrecy – Incognito Mode. 

Incognito mode is a private search mode that allows an individual to surf the web securely without a trace. The whole point of the incognito mode is to remain hidden and leave no trail of your Internet activity. 

Statistics show that over 70% of smartphone users use Android devices, and many engage the incognito mode for embarrassing reasons. 

Perhaps, you suspect your partner is hiding something, or you fear your children are accessing adult websites; you can check their browsing history for proof. 

But since most people use the incognito mode on their Android phones, it’s hard to know what they do online. 

If you’re itching to know how to check private browsing history on the phone, stay tuned to discover effective ways to achieve your aim. 

What Is Secret Mode on Android?

secret mode

As the name implies, it’s an Android browser’s private mode that allows you to stealthily access and surf the internet. Imagine a ghost present at a concert; no one knows the ghost is there except itself; that’s the same privilege you enjoy with private browsing mode. 

Contrary to the general misconception of secret mode use, there are advantages to using it on your Android phone browser, and they include:

  • Privacy

Visiting sites in “secret mode” aids privacy protection, especially if you’re using a shared computer or one with general public access. 

Since websites you visit in incognito mode don’t show up in history, it’ll be complex for an intruder to check your online activity. 

  • Security 

Cookies created during a secret browsing session get deleted immediately after you close the incognito window. 

This feature makes the private browsing mode an ideal choice if you’re worried about the safety and security of your personal accounts, especially when using a public computer. 

  • Multiple Sessions

Since the secret browsing window doesn’t share data and cookies with the standard browsing window, you can access another profile on a website without exiting the first one. 

For instance, you could log into your alternative Gmail account while your primary account is active in normal browsing mode. 

How to Turn on Incognito Mode on Android?

Engaging the private browsing or incognito mode on Android is pretty straightforward, and you don’t require any technical skill to pull it off. 

Most Android users prefer to surf the net with Google Chrome, and the following are detailed steps to turn on Chrome incognito mode on Android:

  1. Tap the Google Chrome browser icon to launch the application.
  2. On the app’s interface, tap on the three little dots in the top right corner of the display. 
  3. Afterward, you’ll see a drop-down menu with multiple options. Tap the “New Incognito tab” option to open a secret browsing window.    

DID YOU KNOW: A report indicates that over 46% of US residents have used incognito mode at least once during their browsing stints. 

How to Tell If Someone Uses Incognito on Android?

android phone

If you’re keen on learning how to track browsing history secretly for free or how to view incognito history on Android and are yet to get a solution, this segment was tailored just for you!

Although incognito mode has many pros, many people – young and old – misuse it.

Here are the 3 ways to tell if someone uses incognito on Android. 

They include:

Spying on Them While They’re Actively Using Their Phone 

Although you can’t check private browsing history on Android from the browser, you can know if someone is using the incognito browsing mode by the color of the address bar. 

Most Android browsers feature a white address bar by default for the normal browsing mode. 

Incognito changes the address bar color to navy blue or black. 

If you pass by or sneak up on your child or partner and see their address bar is dark while the rest of the page is white; that’s your cue to know that they are browsing in incognito mode.  

Checking Browser History After Use

If you’re sure your child or partner has been surfing the Internet for a while, another way to check if they use incognito mode is by checking their browser history. 

However, this method isn’t 100% reliable and requires you to physically access the Android phone, meaning you must know the password to unlock it.

With the phone in hand and a password to boot, head to browser history to check the sites visited. 

If you’re sure they’ve been browsing but can’t find any record of their online activity, it may indicate your child or partner was browsing in private mode. 

Again, you can’t rely on this method as it’s not entirely accurate.

Use Spy Applications

Without a doubt, using spy apps is the best and most effective way to check incognito mode Android history. Perhaps you’ve been researching “how can I see what has been viewed in private browsing?” 

Your best bet is to use spy apps. Knowing spy apps can help you with your search isn’t enough. You need to use a top spy application to view incognito history on Android. 

Of course, there are multiple spy apps on the internet today, and we’d hate for you to pick one that’ll harvest your data or introduce malware to your phone. 

Thus, we’ve researched the best spy apps to recover the incognito history on Android phones and selected one. 

But before we dive into this alternative, below are the steps to check browser history on an Android device.

How to Check Phone History on Android Browser?

Checking browser history on an Android cell phone is a simple task, and the following are the steps to see your recent and old online activity on an Android phone:

  1. Launch the web browser on your Android device.
  2. Tap the three tiny dots in the upper right corner of your screen to open a menu.
  3. Select “History” to view the web pages you’ve visited in the past. 

How to View Someone’s Incognito History on Android with eyeZy?


eyeZy is among the many apps we reviewed regarding viewing incognito browsing history, and it came out top. So, you need not stress about researching the best spy application to check incognito history on the phone; eyeZy is the ideal fit. 

If you want to look at incognito history stealthily using eyeZy, you need to have an active eyeZy account and install the spy application on the target Android phone. 

Below are detailed steps to use eyeZy efficiently to see the incognito mode browsing trial on a target device: 

  • Step 1. Create an Account

You need to visit eyeZy’s official website to register and set up an account. For account creation, insert a valid email address. 

Review the app’s T&Cs and accept them to complete the registration and account opening. 

Keep in mind that none of the information you provided while creating your account will be visible to the target phone user. 

So, your anonymity is assured. 

  • Step 2. Download and Install the eyeZy App

You must access and install this spy app on the target device to understand how to check incognito history on the phone. 

Go to settings on the target device to enable “Unknown Sources.” 

Launch the target device’s web browser and follow the download URL on the eyeZy mobile setup wizard.

After downloading, tap the eyeZy APK file to install and launch the app. 

Use your account logins to sign into the application and accept all permissions. 

  • Step 3. Start Tracking “Incognito Mode” Browsing History

Upon installation and setup, you can begin tracking the target phone’s incognito browsing history, and the app can access all incognito history no matter the browser type. 

To do so, log into your eyeZy account and access your dashboard. Your dashboard presents the features you can enjoy with the eyeZy spy application. 

To answer your how to view incognito mode history on Android via eyeZy, hit the Browser History button in the Web Magnifier segment. And voilà! You’re done.

What Other eyeZy Features Will You Get?

Besides seeing incognito history on an Android, eyeZy offers many other mind-blowing features. You can track location, texts, calls, and lots more with the eyeZy spy app. The service registers the data you require regarding a specific tracking feature to your account. 

A few of eyeZy’s primary features include:

  • GPS tracker: eyeZy gives you unrestricted access to the whereabouts and live location of the target phone’s user.
  • Messages: This spy app allows you to monitor conversations on the target device. It tracks and registers messages from texts and other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 
  • Email: EyeZy is excellent at tracking emails. It functions on all the famous email services like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. 

Other features of eyeZy include:

  • Phone analyzer
  • Files finder 
  • Social spotlight 
  • Plans breaker

NOTE: If eyeZy doesn’t tally your preferences 14 days after you’ve subscribed, you can seek a refund. 

Another Way to See What Has Been Viewed in Private Browsing

Another route to find incognito history on an Android is through the Off The Record History Chrome extension.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Visit the Chrome web store.
  2. Type “Off The Record History” in the search bar and search. 
  3. Download and run the extension file to install. 
  4. Type “chrome://extensions” in your Chrome search bar and click ENTER. 
  5. Once you locate the extension, check the “Allow in Incognito” box. 
  6. Ignore the browser history tracing warning. 
  7. Open an incognito tab, search anything or visit a website and close the window after browsing.
  8. Click the “Off The Record History” icon to see your incognito history list.


Undoubtedly, eyeZy offers one of the most accessible avenues to see someone’s Android incognito browsing history without them knowing. 

This spy app helps you confirm your suspicions without the need to confront your child or spouse. 

Since eyeZy offers many other amazing features, you can also monitor the whereabouts of your children or partner if you suspect them of strange movements.  

To get a hold of its wonders, click the “Try Now” button today!

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