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Follow and Protect Kids on Social Networks

There are too many children, who communicate via the Internet these days. And though most social networks do not permit the under 13 to view their content, there is no real possibility to restrict the access for kids.

Social networks number hundreds of million users. There has never been such an opportunity for children to reach so many people in a short period of time despite of distance and borders. At the same time, there have never been a better opportunity for online predators and cyberbullies to track children, attack them, and stay anonymous.

It is up to you whether to let your kids use social networks or not. Anyway, you should know some online safety guidelines for parents to be prepared:

Sing up to social networks

Log In

Having no account on social media, where your children spend most of their time while online, you lose a chance to share a big part of their world and a common sphere of interest. On the other hand, you are missing out an ability to check the content your kids post, read, and share. Moreover, if in the first case, you simply lose a matter to talk about, give an advice, and help; the second one means that you let your children be exposed to danger without even knowing what actually happens.

Adjust your kids’ privacy settings

Privacy Settings

If you are more tech-savvy than your kids, help them adjust online privacy settings appropriately. Do not leave privacy setting in default mode, since in this case your children will be able to share too much information with the public. Set private mode and make sure that only approved friends can see what your kids post, like, and share.

Set your own rules

Online Rules

You should clearly specify that the access to social media and the Internet as a whole is a privilege for your children, not a matter of course. Thus, you should set your own rules by following which your kids will get this privilege. If you want to monitor what they do online, let them know that you will follow their posts, comments, and new friends added.

Befriend Your Children on Social Media

Social Media Friends

By setting private mode to prevent you kids from communicating with strangers and misgiving people, you will be able to see their content only in case you are official friends on a particular network. If not, all post, likes, shares, as well as new contacts will be hidden from you. That’s why befriending your kids is a pre-requisite for them to use social media.

Talk to your children


Being a parent you should always keep the conversation between you and your kids open. They should clearly realize your concerns, trust you, and know they can rely on you for any reason. Explain your children why online reality may be dangerous, as well as why your interference may be needed sometimes. Your kids should understand that you do not try to restrict their freedom, but protect them and secure their happiness.

Actively monitor your children

Monitor Your Children

Eventually you will have to let your children live their own lives and make their own mistakes. The earlier you will do this, the more experienced your kids will be. However, it does not mean at all that you should stop taking care of your children and back them up. Good parental control software will help in this case. It will let you monitor online activity and cell phone use without direct physical access. Thus, you will grant your children freedom of communication and at the same time will have a capability of preventing them from danger they may face.

Keep your eyes open, since kids’ protection is your top priority.

Pumpic Features

Since most of dangers that children face come from the Internet, it is very important to know how to monitor social networks as the main source of threats and abuse. Pumpic includes a large range of tracking features that will let you follow Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, and even more.

Supported OS Versions:

  • IOS
    IOS 6.0 - 11.2
    iCloud password required
  • Android 2.2 - 6.0.1
    Some features require root
  • Monitor SMS and MMS
  • Monitor Calls History
  • View Calendar
  • View Contacts
  • View Emails
  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Control Browser
  • Control Applications
  • View Bookmarks
  • View Notes
  • Block Device
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Monitor Skype
  • Monitor Facebook IM
  • Monitor Viber
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Monitor Kik
  • Monitor Snapchat
  • SMS Commands

How Pumpic Secures Your Kid

cell phone monitoring

Control cell phone usage

  • Follow in and outbound calls
  • Monitor text message content
  • View photos and videos
monitor online activity

Monitor online activity

  • View browsing history and bookmarks
  • Follow social media and online chats
  • Block websites and applications
remote mobile monitoring

Track routes and location

  • Keep track of current GPS location
  • Follow the entire route history
  • Find the device if lost or stolen

Trusted by Over 10,000 Parents Worldwide:

Simona F. - mother of 13-year-old daughter

“Three months ago I started using Pumpic because wanted to track my daughter’s transfers to and from school by GPS and generally to check her texts and calls. What I found out was something unexpected. Daughter appeared to bully the other girl through the messages on a social site, mocking and saying offensive things to her. Of course, I had a serious talk with my daughter and made her apologize to the girl. Hope she learned the lesson.”

Wade Q. - father of a 15-year-old daughter

“Recently my daughter started dating a guy; he is her first boyfriend. Though they haven’t had one-to-one dates yet and see each other in a company of friends or our house, they also spend much time texting each other or talking through the social sites. Of course, as a father, I want to be sure that this boy is treating my daughter nicely. To control it I installed Pumpic and warned them both about it. I believe this fact alone sets boundaries for both of them.”

Emma J. – mother of 15-year-old son

“I’m so happy for founding Pumpic! The best feature, as for me, is remote social media monitoring. Keeping track of my son’s online life has helped me to learn more about his hobbies, interests, and friends. I cannot say that all information was pleasant to know, but at least I am sure that he doesn’t do drugs or something like that. Pumpic is incredible, thank you!”

How It Works

pumpic parental control buy premium

Pick a subscription plan

Visit our Store, check out available subscription plans and choose the one that meets your expectations and monitoring preferences. After you submit a payment, you will receive an email with setup instructions.

pumpic icon on mobile

Set up

Pumpic app setup process will take you no longer than 5 minutes. Follow the guidelines in the email to complete the setup. Note that physical access to the Android target device is required before installation. It may be as well needed to launch iOS solution (iCloud monitoring) (check/adjust settings, turn Backup on).

pumpic stores

Track remotely

To see the data from the target device, access your Control Panel via or Mobile App for iOS & Android (has a limited amount of features!). In the Control Panel, you can view logs, media files, location history, set restrictions, manage your devices and subscriptions.