How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening  the Chat: Best Tricks

According to Oberlo, there are over 2 million WhatsApp users worldwide. Even more surprising is that around 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp each day – that’s about 12 for each human on Earth.

With astounding figures like these, it’s no surprise that people want to know WhatsApp tricks to use this messaging service to their advantage. Even though WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption that protects users’ data from spying, it does share when you’ve read a message by default with its two blue ticks. The moment those two ticks turn blue, the sender knows instantly that the message they sent has been read. But sometimes, we might not want them to know we’ve read it.

There are two common requests: “how to read WhatsApp messages without opening” and “how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone.” There might be lots of reasons why you want to do these things, but the good news is you can do both. So, without further ado, we’re going to show you four ways on how to read WhatsApp messages without the blue tick and more.

WhatsApp Message Read but No Blue Tick: Airplane Mode

So, what’s the solution to having WhatsApp messages read but with no blue tick? We’re here to help!

If you want to know how to read WhatsApp messages without blue ticks appearing, there’s a quick and easy method that only takes one swipe and one tap of your phone screen.

Perhaps the most straightforward way on how to read a WhatsApp message without opening it is by using your phone’s airplane mode. Firstly, if you receive a WhatsApp message notification, don’t open it. Instead, follow the steps below:

1. Turn on Airplane mode in order to turn off your phone’s mobile data and Wi-Fi.

2. With Airplane mode on, open WhatsApp and read your message.

3. After reading the message, come out of WhatsApp and close the app down properly.

4. Once you’re sure WhatsApp is closed, turn off Airplane mode.

Even though this is a really straightforward way of getting a WhatsApp message read but with no blue tick, it does stop you from using WhatsApp again until you’re ready to show the person you’ve read their message. 

How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Phone: mSpy Trick


Want to know how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone? There is a trick. Sometimes, you just need to know what’s been said or sent via WhatsApp without the person knowing you’ve looked. If there are unread messages on their phone, you can’t even take a quick look because they would be able to see the messages had been read.

As a parent of teenagers, there are so many times when you just wish you knew what was going on in their lives – are they being bullied? Are they doing something illegal? Where are they really going? Of course, the best thing you can do is have an open and honest relationship with your teen. But, even with the best relationship, they often become secretive during these awkward years, and you want to do everything you can to keep them safe.

If you’re in this situation and want to be able to read someone’s messages without taking their phone at all, mSpy is the perfect solution. You might be a worried parent (or even a worried or suspicious spouse). Whatever your reason, mSpy can help you know everything you need to know.

Available on both iPhone and Android, mSpy allows you to view all WhatsApp messages. You will be able to see the recipient names and timestamps, and you can even look at media files sent via WhatsApp and monitor calls. Even when you read a WhatsApp message on mSpy, it remains “unread” on the device. Voilà! WhatsApp message read, but no blue tick appears!

Remember, you can always use mSpy for your own WhatsApp messages, too, so you can read them without the sender knowing!

How to Turn Off Read Receipts in WhatsApp: In-App Trick

It was only seven years ago that WhatsApp first introduced read receipts, though it feels like it’s been around a lot longer! A study in 2017 showed that only about 55% of people used this feature. So, if you want to disable read receipts on WhatsApp, you’re certainly not alone.

However, many people don’t know you can turn off this feature. Another survey showed that 36.6% of WhatsApp users didn’t know you could change the settings. Out of the remaining 63.4%, 28.7% had deactivated read receipts.

Read Receipts and Group Messages – A Word of Warning

If you want to know how to read WhatsApp group messages with sender knowing, we’re afraid this isn’t possible on WhatsApp. Apparently, WhatsApp believes this would be a massive drain on their server, so read receipts will always be activated in WhatsApp groups. So, bear this in mind if you use group chats as well as individual ones – especially if someone you’re trying to hide reading messages from is also in the same group! For individuals, however, you can use an in-app trick that disables read receipts.

Quote: My teens have deactivated their read receipts in messages to me, but they haven’t realized I can see them in our family group chat. If ever I want to know they’re reading my messages, I just send a group message instead!

If you want to turn off read receipts for individuals, though, it can be quite handy!

Turning off Read Receipts in WhatsApp

Here’s how to turn off read receipts in WhatsApp:

1. Open the WhatsApp app.

2. Touch the icon with three dots – this is found at the top of the screen in the right-hand corner.

3. A drop-down menu will appear. From this menu, choose “Settings.”

4. In Settings, choose “Account” and then select “Privacy.”

5. When you’re in the Privacy section, there is an option to turn on/off Read Receipts.

Once you have disabled read receipts, anyone who sends you a message won’t be able to see if you have read it.

It’s important to note that this only works for future messages received. You can’t use it to mark as unread in WhatsApp. In fact, there is no way of marking read messages as unread on WhatsApp, unfortunately. Most email apps have this function, but WhatsApp doesn’t.

Another thing to note is that even if you turn off the read receipts function, your contacts will still be able to see when you were last online because of the “last seen” feature. If you want to turn this off too, this is what you need to do:

1. Open WhatsApp and go into settings from the drop-down menu as above.

2. Choose “Account,” then “Privacy.”

3. In the Privacy screen, select “Last Seen.”

4. On this screen, you can choose “Everyone,” “My contacts,” or “Nobody.” Select “Nobody.”

As your contacts now won’t be able to see when you last connected, you can’t see when they were last logged on either.

However, your contacts will still see if you are “online,” and you will see if they’re online too.

Mark Messages as Unread on WhatsApp: ‘Unseen App’

whatsapp logo11

The above methods are great tools, but they have their limitations and might not be suitable for every situation or scenario. There is one more solution, however. There is an app available called Unseen that allows you access to your messages without you going into WhatsApp at all (and so your WhatsApp messages will still appear to be “unread.”

Here’s how to get the app and use it:

1. In the Google Play Store, search for the Unseen app and download it.

2. After downloading it, open it.

3. You will see a pop-up asking you to agree to notification access. Tap “OK.”

4. From the access screen, give the app permission to access the notifications on your phone by toggling the button to “on” or green.

5. There will be another pop-up where you need to allow Unseen to read your notifications. Tap “Allow.”

Once you’ve done this, any new messages delivered through WhatsApp will appear in Unseen. This means you can read them without WhatsApp’s ticks turning blue!

Final Thoughts

While lots of people like to read receipts – especially when it provides information about other people, many people don’t like this function for their own messages.

Whatever the reason behind your desire to mark as unread in WhatsApp, we hope these solutions work for you. As you’ve seen, even though there is no way on how to mark messages as unread in WhatsApp, it’s pretty easy to learn how to hide blue ticks on WhatsApp instead.

Whether you choose Airplane mode, the mSpy app, disabling read receipts, or the Unseen app, you have plenty of options. Hopefully, you will now know how to see WhatsApp messages without being seen!

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