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How to Track an Android Phone From an iPhone: Top Alternatives for Hassle-Free Monitoring

Smartphones are advantageous. With a single tap, you can use these devices for online payments, e-learning, and iGaming. 

Little wonder why there are over 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. Despite the advantages of cell phones, many people use them for nefarious acts. 

As such, it’s normal to seek ways to monitor your kid, spouse, or employee’s Android cell phone to ensure that they aren’t doing anything sinister behind your back. 

But there’s a nagging query – can an iPhone user track someone that uses an Android device?

Thanks to technological advancements, this endeavor is 100% possible. How? By using a GPS tracking service.  

Although numerous GPS tracking platforms exist, only a few alternatives deliver on their promises to a “T.” So, you may encounter scams as you search for a functional medium. 

However, this guide seeks to point you toward the best options to aid Android tracking from an iPhone. 

Interested in learning how to find a lost Android phone with an iPhone or any iOS-enabled device? 

How to Track an Android: Top 5 Ways to Succeed

As we’ve established, many alternatives claim to grant seamless Android tracking. Upon usage, you discover they’re knock-offs. 

Besides their inefficiency, some of these platforms may incorporate malware that can access and divulge your device’s essential data bits (e.g., financial information). You don’t want to be a data breach victim, do you?

To avoid this while looking for a high-quality Android GPS tracker, we’ve uncovered 5 options you can trust. 

You’re a tap away from locating any Android device using these channels. Here are mediums that make the cut:

#1 Locate an Android Phone With Detectico

detectico app

Ever made a Google query along these lines – can an iPhone track an Android – and you saw an alternative that required just a number to work? It’s normal for you to be critical. 

But with Detectico pulling the strings, locating an Android phone with the device’s number is possible. 

Unlike other tracking services, you don’t need to install any APK onto your Android smartphone for it to work. 

Additionally, Detectico works in “Stealth Mode.” So, if you’d like to know the whereabouts of your ward, spouse, or employee in real-time, all you need is their mobile number.

Detectico doesn’t present compatibility issues as it works on all Android devices. Also, Detectico can track numbers on any network carrier worldwide. 


Although Detectico may come off as a service that utilizes a magical wand, its subscriptions are decent. 

They include:

  • 24-Hour Trial: $0.89
  • 1 Month: $49.80 per month

Tracking Android Phone From iPhone Installation Guide

It’s easy to think that understanding how to locate an Android phone via Detectico is filled with many complexities. 

However, the reverse is the case. To use Detectico and get the required results, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Insert the Device’s Phone Number and Create a Unique Message

Once you’ve subscribed to Detectico, insert the target’s Android phone number in the appropriate area. 

Now, create a unique message and tap the “Send” icon. 

NOTE: Since you’re trying to track an Android device without the owner knowing, don’t send a message that’ll “spook” the person in possession. 

Step 2. Detectico Sends a Text Message With a Tracking Link to the Target Device

After you’ve hit “Send,” Detectico adds a tracking URL to your text message and forwards it to the target Android device.

Step 3. Once The Target Taps the Link, You’ll See the Real-time GPS Location of That Android Device

If Detectico sends the message and the target taps on it, you’ll see their GPS location on a detailed map. 

Now, you can see if they’re in a restricted area and take action if needed.

#2 Share Location From Android to iPhone Using North App

North App

Different strokes for different folks, they say. If Detectico doesn’t tickle your fancy and you seek another method that operates similarly to its share location from Android to iPhone function, North App is your best bet. 

To ensure that you get accurate GPS data on the target’s Android, North App features the latest map technology on its platform. Also, North App can track any number, irrespective of the network.

Although Detectico seems great, North App takes things a notch further. This platform allows you to monitor an Android’s GPS location via other peoples’ numbers. 

All you need to do for this is subscribe to the service, and add the individuals you’d like to have full access to the device’s GPS location. Once enabled, they’ll be able to see the actual location of that device.


North App is all shades of extraordinary. However, this service ensures that cell phone tracking isn’t pricey with these subscriptions: 

  • 1-Day Trial: $0.99
  • 1 Month: $49.80 per month

How to Share Location on Android to iPhone on North App?

You don’t need an MIT professor to conduct lessons on how to track an Android phone with North App. Using this service requires following several steps to a “T.” 

Notable mentions include: 

Step 1. Create an Account and Subscribe

To use North App, you must create a unique profile and subscribe. Once you make a payment, you’re all clear to commence Android tracking.

Step 2. Input the Target Android’s Phone Number and Form a Message

Once you’ve paid for the service, head to the service’s home page and insert the phone number linked to the target’s Android device. 

Now, create a message and click the “Send” icon. After you’ve gone through this hoop, North App inserts a link and forwards your text to the target.

Step 3. View the Device’s GPS Location Immediately After the Target Opens the Message

Once the target opens the text message and taps on the link, you’ll access their GPS coordinates immediately.

So, if your ward, spouse, or employee is seen in an area they shouldn’t venture into, you can make an informed decision quickly. 

DID YOU KNOW: According to a recent report, 30% of employees fake illnesses to skip work. To know if a staff member is elsewhere instead of being at home or in the hospital, utilize services like North App to track their Android and see if they’re being economical with the truth.

#3 Track Android Phone From an iPhone for Free Using eyeZy

eyeZy features

Do you want to track your ward or partner all day long to certify they’re fine? Consider the eyeZy application. To get up to speed with their location seamlessly, eyeZy incorporates a tracking function tagged “Pinpoint.” 

Quickly, let’s see how eyeZy’s Pinpoint works. 

If you have the eyeZy application installed on your kid, spouse, or employee’s Android device, Pinpoint gives you an accurate view of their real-time GPS location.

If you’d like to keep tabs on the target 24/7, eyeZy has a feature called “Geofencing.” This functionality allows you to set danger zones on a well-defined map. When a target enters any of these areas, eyeZy will alert you. 

eyeZy also integrates an Invisible Shield, meaning that the tracked user is “none the wiser” of your monitoring actions until they’re caught in the act.

Unlike Detectico and North App, eyeZy has other features in its résumé:

  • Social Spotlight
  • Files Finder
  • Web Magnifier
  • Connection Blocker
  • Phone Analyzer
  • Plans Breaker
  • And lots more


eyeZy has decent subscription packages, including:

  • 1 Month: $47.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $9.99 per month

NOTE: Featured subscriptions have a 30% discount.

How to Track Location on Android: eyeZy Installation

Since eyeZy looks a bit futuristic, some folks think that usage requires a YouTube tutorial or two.

Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Deemed one of the excellent apps to track an Android phone, eyeZy installation involves these steps: 

Step 1. Create a New eyeZy Profile

To get cracking with eyeZy, the first thing you must do is create an account. This process isn’t challenging; all required is email address insertion. 

Step 2. After Signing Up and Making Payment, You’ll Receive a Confirmation Email

Once you’ve signed up successfully, choose a package you can afford. When you make payment, eyeZy sends a confirmation email containing your dashboard logins, subscription details, and an installation guide. 

Step 3. Log Into Your Dashboard With Logins Provided in the Confirmation Email

Log into your account using the login credentials made available via eyeZy’s confirmation email. 

Step 4. Access Your Distinct Control Panel and Monitor Any Information You Like

Now that you’ve gotten access to your special Control Panel, navigate the interface to view the real-time GPS location and other data on the target Android device. 

NOTE: To track location on a target Android, you must physically access the cell phone to aid installation. This process takes only five minutes, and customer support is online 24/7 if you need any help. 

How to Share Location Between iPhone and Android With Google?

Google Maps2

Notable disparities between Android and iOS shouldn’t halt your monitoring actions with an iPhone. 

If you’ve asked the “can Android share location with iPhone” query, there’s great news – you can! 

Android Sharing Location With iPhone Guide

If you’re itching to know how to share location between iPhone and Android, here are the crucial steps to make this endeavor a success:

  1. Head to the App Store and install the “Google Maps” app.
  2. Launch the Google Maps application upon installation and activate the iPhone’s location by toggling the “Allow When Using App” option.
  3. Tap the blue dot for more alternatives to appear. After you’ve done this, click on the “Share Your Location” option. Here, you have the luxury of indicating how long you’d like to have your GPS data shared. You can also use the “Until You Turn It Off” alternative if you don’t have a location-sharing time frame.
  4. Tap the “Message” icon and input the Android contact you want to monitor. 

Once you’ve followed the above steps to the “T,” you’ll get 100% access to the target Android’s GPS location.

Can an iPhone Track an Android With AirDroid?


AirDroid is a phone tracking app that’ll help your GPS location monitoring activity if you want to monitor any Android device with your iPhone.

This app gives you an encompassing view of the target Android’s location.

However, AirDroid does more than track an Android phone from an iPhone. 

Besides GPS location, AirDroid presents the following:

  • Geofencing alerts
  • Online activity reports
  • Social media monitoring
  • Applications blocking (temporary or permanent)
  • Listen to phone surroundings


To get inundated with AirDroid’s wonders, subscribe to any of these plans: 

  • Monthly: $3.99 per month
  • Quarterly: $3.23 per month
  • Yearly: $2.50 per month

NOTE: AirDroid is currently offering a 20% discount for students.

How Can Android Share Location With iPhone With AirDroid?

airdroid logo

Now that you’ve seen how AirDroid fares with Android location tracking, you’re might wonder how to use this application to your advantage as a newbie. 

Worry no more. 

To use AirDroid to track anyone’s Android smartphone, follow these steps: 

  1. Head to the App Store and install the “AirDroid” app.
  2. Launch the AirDroid application on the device. Upon launch, set up the parental control app for use.
  3. Insert a unique code to keep AirDroid and the target device in sync. 
  4. Head to your distinctive dashboard to track the GPS location of the target device. 

Major Takeaway

If you want to know the real-time location of your kid, partner, or employee on your iPhone without them ever knowing, use a GPS tracking service. 

With the 5 monitoring options featured above, you’ll be able to view their whereabouts stealthily and remotely. Thus, if they’re not where they should be, you have the leeway to take action before things spiral out of control. 

However, before you monitor someone’s Android GPS location with an iPhone, do well to check local laws for this action’s legality.

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