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Purchase the iCloud Solution subscription.

Soon after submitting the payment, you will receive an email.


Follow the guidelines in the email and fill in the iCloud login and password of the target device.

Note that physical access may be required to change the target device settings (turn iCloud Backup on).

Start tracking

Enter your Control Panel to monitor data from the target device.

Use any browser, any computer, or mobile gadget to get access your Control Panel.

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iCloud Solution
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iCloud Solution
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What Benefits iCloud Solution Over Jailbreak

Best Free Parental Controls for Android' Location

Apple iCloud tracking allows you to monitor your children on iPhones, iPads, and iPods Touch without jailbreaking their gadgets. Moreover, iCloud parental control does not require an app to be installed on the target device, which means that you don’t need to take the target device in hands to install the app on it to start monitoring. All the tracked information is gathered via the iCloud backup and sent directly to your Control Panel.

The iCloud mobile tracker is an option provided by Pumpic with iOS (iCloud) solution subscription plan. It lets you monitor 11+ activities with even more opportunities to come soon. This feature allows seeing text messages saved on iCloud. Thus, you can view SMS, MMS, and iMessages your children send or receive to prevent them from misgiving communication and cyberbullying, using bad words, and sexting.

By monitoring call logs, which is also possible with the iCloud Solution, you can see who calls your children as well as whom they call, at what time, and for how long each conversation lasts. Pumpic iCloud tracking logs browsing history and bookmarks allowing parents to control kids’ Internet activities.

iCloud GPS tracking is also a significant advantage. At any time, you can request your kid’s location and find out his or her whereabouts pinpointed accurately on the map. With Pumpic iCloud location tracking, you will always know where your children go and be able to prevent them from visiting places you don’t approve.

And even more! You can oversee kids’ communication over WhatsApp, Kik, and other messengers where children are highly exposed to cyberbullying and online predator attacks. Among iCloud Solution features, you will also find monitoring Calendar, Contacts, Photos, which completes the picture of your children’s mobile behavior and safety to the fullest.

To perform iPhone tracking of your kid’s device through iCloud the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Check Markyou must know the iCloud login and password;
  • Check Markbackup must be enabled on the target device.
  • Check Marktwo-step verification must be disabled on the target device.

For information to be successfully uploaded to your Control Panel, the backup must be performed under the following conditions:

  • Check Markthe target device is connected to Wi-Fi;
  • Check Markit is connected to the power source (charging);
  • Check Markthe screen of the target device is locked.

Pumpic iCloud Solution provides excellent opportunities for you to monitor and protect your children even if you don’t want to puzzle out how to jailbreak an iOS device, which is required by all other multi-featured parental control applications.

Trusted by Over 10,000 Customers Worldwide:

Abraham Z. - father of 14 y.o. girl

“Two months ago my daughter got her first part-time job in a big shopping mall. She uses public transport to get there and sometimes has to work in the evening. I want to be sure that she is safe on her way to and from work, that’s why I chose Pumpic to help me track her iPhone. This app is easy to install, its design is intuitive. I think that Pumpic is a great choice for parents.”

Dominick H. - father of 16 y.o. boy

“My elder son has recently turned 16 and as most of the teens in this age, he wants to be less controlled by us, his parents. He spends more time outing with his friends and often seems to be obsessed with his phone. I thought that using a parental control app is a good idea. When choosing among different apps, I saw that Pumpic appears to be the most useful one. Now I always know where my son is and with whom he spends his time. I’m thinking to use Pumpic on my younger kids’ mobile phones as well.”

Lillie R. – mother of four

“I’m a mom of four children aged from 8 to 17. You may imagine that parenting along with the household chores takes all my time. I’m trying my best but still worry that I may miss something important in the life of my kids. Using a parental control app is absolutely necessary for me and among many I chose Pumpic because it provides me with the widest range of useful features. Thanks, Pumpic, I feel less worried now.”

Susie W. - mother of 15 y.o. boy

“Some time ago a friend recommended me this app as a helpful one to keep an eye on my kids. After monitoring my elder son’s phone, I found out that he has been posting on a social site photos with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. No need to say that he was using all this not as fashionable accessories... Probably he thought that it “looks cool”. We had a serious talk, and he agreed that until he comes of age, he wouldn’t drink and smoke.”

Diana S. - mother of 14 y.o. girl

“My daughter has recently joined Facebook and now spends quite much time on the phone like a lot of her peers do. She seems to be super excited about messaging with her friends and posting stuff on her page. I don’t mind that much but still want to be sure that her circle of contacts is safe. With Pumpic, I can monitor her texts, calls and social media posts, which is great. The app has many pros; as a con, I’d name the necessity to install this software on your child’s phone. But if it’s not a problem for you, Pumpic may be just what you need.”

Herbert G. - father of 14 y.o. boy

“Sport activities take quite a lot of time. My son is into swimming and recently started making good progress. He has to work out and train almost daily and last month he has attended a competition in the other city. Of course, I want to know where he spends time and that all is fine with him. Pumpic has given me an opportunity to keep an eye on my boy in an easy way. Besides, Pumpic provides many other features such as monitoring texts and social network activity.”