Online Security for Kids
Infographics by Pumpic

When it comes to keeping your child safe on the Internet, it is important to secure all spheres of their lives and always stay up to date. That is why Pumpic provides parents with reliable monitoring solutions on one hand and relevant information on Internet security for children on the other.

Each mobile security infographic you can find below reflects an important part of children’s living these days. Consider all Internet safety guidelines carefully; develop essential skills in your kids. The Pumpic team is happy to share its experience with you.

  • Find out potential risks kids may face on smartphones and tablets as well as what it takes to keep them safe on the Internet.

  • Infographic shows ways to protect children from potential risks on smartphones and tablets.
  • We have put together eight essential skills you should develop in your kids. Teach your little ones to be creative, curious, and self-confident since early ages.

  • Eight entrepreneurial skills you should develop in your kids described in one infographic.
  • See how to turn your child’s smartphone into a useful tool for study, not a means of wasting time. 20 learning apps and 10 useful things to learn via a cell phone.

  • Infographic with useful references to develop 10 essential skills in your little ones.
  • Uncover 10 fundamental rules for kids going online. They will help your young ones learn to look after themselves when using the Web and avert any risks.

  • 10 Internet commandments for kids going online
  • How much screen time is too much for youngsters? Find out the answer and check out 8 tips to help parents reduce the screen time in this infographic.

  • 8 Must-Follow Tips to Manage Kids’ Screen Time
  • Check this infographic to find out 10 best ways to use smartphones and tablets for educational purposes in schools and at home.

  • How to Use Smartphones & Tablets to Boost Your Kid’s Education