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Why You Need Internet Filters for iPhone

Hardly can anyone argue that digital technology has become today central to teens’ lives with the Internet activity being one of its main elements. And handheld devices became a passway to the online world as teens are almost inseparable with their Internet-connected smartphones and tablets. No doubt, the World Wide Web is an inexhaustible source of knowledge; but at the same time, it is a place where many perils lie in wait for careless users. Pornography, gambling, sects, hateful speech, sexual predators – this list of online dangers is far from being full.

Of course, parents try to monitor their kids’ digital interactions, but they mostly take a hands-on approach to checking child’s phone or tablet manually. Using digital tools like parental controls or cell phone filter software is not a widespread practice. This results in the fact that parents don’t have a complete understanding of what is going on in their kids’ lives and whether they need help.

teenagers use handheld devices (mostly smartphones) to access the Internet with 80% going online at least once a week.
kids and teenagers admit that they have taken steps in order to hide their online activities so parents couldn’t track it.
parents use technology-based means to monitor their children’s digital activity and track their Internet use.

When parents check up kids’ mobile devices manually and manage to find traces of inappropriate online activity, they respond to the problem. However, it is commonly accepted that preventing issues from happening is a better option than reacting to their consequences. Installing content filtering apps is one of the most effective ways to avert troubles that originate from the Internet use. That’s why choosing and utilizing the reliable Internet filters for smartphone your kid owns is what every concerned parent should do.

How to Filter Out Internet Content on iPhone

Having an iPhone is a sacred dream of many kids and teenagers. Apple, Inc. is so good at marketing its products to the younger generation that 74% of teens want their next phone to be specifically an iPhone (according to investment bank Piper Jaffray survey conducted in October 2015). So if you – as a parent – decide to fulfil your kid’s dream, be sure to take care of some precaution measures that will protect your little ones from online perils mentioned above by setting up content filters for iPhone with the help of built-in tools or additional software.

iPhone "Restrictions"

"Restrictions" are Apple’s branded built-in parental controls. It can be quite effectively used for blocking or filtering things like adult-themed materials, games, social media and other applications. With "Restrictions", parents can also monitor their kids’ calls, SMS, contacts, calendar as well as track GPS location and view route history. Yet, like almost any onboard software, "Restrictions" have limited functionality, and it is, in fact, pretty easy for a tech-savvy teen to work around them.

Filter objectionable content with Pumpic
Parental Control App

Another option is to spend some buck and pick a standalone parental control mobile app - a comprehensive software that among other things includes content filtering. Apart from this, such applications can also monitor calls and SMS (even deleted ones), keep track of social media and online chats, show browsing history and contacts, access emails and multimedia files as well as track kid’s whereabouts via GPS. One of parental control apps’ advantages is that a child cannot override it.

There is a wide choice of technology-based means to control your kid’s digital activity, no problem with that. But you as a parent must remember that no Internet filter app for iPhone can replace parental guidance and example. Open and honest communication between parent and child still remain the most efficient tool to establish a trustworthy relationship. Hence, arranging regular talks with your little one about the essentials of the Internet etiquette and safety will protect him or her from online hazards better than any firewall.

Infinite Monitoring Possibilities


Inappropriate content filtering

  • Block whole websites
  • Close out particular pages
  • Use keywords to set up filters

Internet activity monitoring

  • Check browsing history
  • Follow social media and chats
  • View emails

Device usage control

  • Lock device
  • Manage downloaded apps
  • Track kids’ location

Extended Functionality for Comprehensive Protection

In case you need to set up Internet content filter for iPhone, Pumpic app has all the functionality you need – and much more! It is a state-of-the-art solution to ensure your kids’ full protection not only from explicit content but also from cyberbullying and online predators. Pumpic’s 24 striking features cover all aspects of child’s digital life, thus, allowing parents to keep their eyes open and be ready to avert any possible threat. Check the table below and see how much Pumpic can do.

Supported OS Versions:

  • IOS
    IOS 6.0 - 11.2
    iCloud password required
  • Android 2.2 - 6.0.1
    Some features require root
  • Monitor SMS and MMS
  • Monitor Calls History
  • View Calendar
  • View Contacts
  • View Emails
  • View Photos
  • View Videos
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Control Browser
  • Control Applications
  • View Bookmarks
  • View Notes
  • Block Device
  • Location Tracking
  • Geo-fences
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Monitor Skype
  • Monitor Facebook IM
  • Monitor Viber
  • Monitor Instagram
  • Monitor Kik
  • Monitor Snapchat
  • SMS Commands

Guarding Over 10 000 Families around the Globe

Angie C. - mother of 15–year-old daughter

“Awesome app! My daughter goes through her teenage rebellion stage. We’ve all been through this when we were kids, so I’m trying not to put much pressure on her. She’s good girl, but I still decided to install parental control on her iPhone – just in case. Knowing the mistakes she makes helps me to help her live through the hard times in her life.”

Phillip H. - father of 14–year-old daughter

“This app is right what a parent needs. At first, I thought that standard restrictions would be enough to keep my son away from the content teens are not supposed to see just yet. By accident, I found out that he worked his way around all limitations by resetting his iPhone somehow specifically. Guess, I didn’t have much choice after that:). Pumpic came in very handy!”

Sally N. - mother of 17–year-old son

“Nice and helpful app. I tried out several monitoring applications, but none of them has so many functions as Pumpic. Just keep in mind that such tools are supplementary, they won’t do your parenting job for you. My son and I came to an agreement: we get Pumpic on his iPhone, he gets more freedom – online and offline. Guess, just the fact that he is being monitored makes him think twice about his actions.”