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Choose between available subscriptions: Premium or Basic.

Soon after submitting the payment, you will receive an email.


Follow the guidelines from the email to complete the installation.

It will take you no longer than 5 minutes. Note that jailbreak and physical access to the target device are required.

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Enter your Control Panel to monitor the data from the target device.

Use any browser, any computer or mobile gadget to get the access to your Control Panel.


Jailbreak solution
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Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

Jailbreak solution
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Jeff B. – father of two

“Our elder daughter got her first smartphone three years ago, and the younger son got his one last year. My wife and I set limits on their use of the Internet but yet we wanted to be aware of what sites our kids are viewing and to whom they talk. My sister recommended using Pumpic as it appeared to be very helpful with her own children. She was right – this app is easy to install and use. For extended monitoring, it may require jailbreaking iPhone, but it’s restorable anyway.”

Ava T. – mother of 16-year-old daughter

“My daughter is a real chatterbox, and I was afraid that sooner or later she would share too personal information about herself or our family on the social media or in conversations with her friends. Once she had a problem because of gossips and then I’ve installed Pumpic to see what she was talking about with her friends. Because of this, she thinks twice before sending a message to someone, and I regularly check her texting and explain to her how the information she shares can influence her in future.”

Ben H. – father of 11-year-old son

“Pumpic is my right hand today. Although my son is 11 years old and it seems that it is too early for teen problems, I already use monitoring app as he spends too much time with his smartphone playing games and trying to download more and more new apps (Applications Control was the first tool I have mastered). My kid knows that I have a possibility to check everything that he does online and where he goes, and it is clear that after Pumpic installation his habits have improved.”

Flora L. – mother of twins

“I’m a single mom of twins. My working schedule is quite tensing, and often I can’t give my kids as much of my time as I wish to. Installing a parental control app appeared to be a necessity. Choosing out of a long list of software, I fixed on Pumpic and never regretted it. The information about any activities of my kids updates within some moments and location tracking is very accurate. Moreover, I’ve set geofences and if my children would go further than their usual way from school to home I would know just at once.”

Anna H. – mother of 14-year-old daughter

“My daughter is what you call “a popular girl” at school. She is active, cheerful and has many friends. And though I know she is a mature and reasonable teen I still prefer to monitor her contacts using this great app. My daughter and I are best friends, but girls happen not to tell some things to their parents, especially about boys...”

Logan K. – father of 11-year-old son

“I do not allow my son to create a Facebook account as I do not think that he is ready for that online reality. But my son has broken a ban and created a page with fake age information. The installation of Pumpic revealed that. On the one hand, I was disappointed with such disobedience; on the other, slightly proud for all precautions son have taken to hide this activity from us. But Pumpic with the social media monitoring feature brought him out into the open.”