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Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App

Meet a useful and user-friendly addition to the Control Panel of the Pumpic mobile monitoring software for Android. From now on, you no longer need to open a browser to check your kids’ activities. Run Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App on your smartphone and monitor your children on the go.

Check Your

Make sure that you have at least one active subscription as well as Pumpic Monitoring App for Android installed on the target device before using both the full version of the Control Panel and Control Panel App.

Monitor Children
via Control Panel

Enter your Control Panel to start monitoring your children. You can find the access in your welcome email. Log in by either using the Standard Control Panel on or downloading our free mobile app on Google Play for free.


Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App is currently limited to some selected Android parental control features. You can find the comparison of the Standard Control Panel and Control Panel App below to see all supported features.

Control Panel Comparison

All the features of Pumpic Mobile Monitoring are introduced in the full version of the Control Panel that you can access via any browser on At the same time, you can use the Control Panel App to monitor some selected features via your smartphone on the go. Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App is a helpful addition to the Standard Control Panel for your convenience.

  • Features
  • Calls
  • See Logs
  • Call Blocking by Number
  • SMS
  • See Logs
  • Outgoing SMS Limit per Day
  • SMS Blocking by Number
  • Locations
  • See Current Location
  • Geo-fences
  • Bookmarks
  • Check Active Bookmarks
  • Check Deleted Bookmarks
  • Browser History
  • View Browser History
  • Block Resources
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • See Active Contacts
  • See Deleted Contacts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Applications
  • View Applications
  • Block Apps
  • Manage Limits
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • Check Messages
  • Check Calls
  • Whatsapp
  • Private Messages
  • Group Messages
  • Calls
  • Facebook
  • Check Private Messages
  • Check Calls
  • Kik
  • Instagram
  • Posted Posts
  • Check Friends' Posts
  • Posted Comments
  • Snapchat
  • Keylogger
  • Device Settings
  • Unassign Monitored Devices
  • Add New Monitored Devices
  • Lock Device
  • Reboot Device Remotely
  • Reboot App Remotely
  • Standard
    Control Panel
  • Control Panel App
    (Android) (iOS)
  • Pumpic Parental Monitoring on Google Play Pumpic Parental Monitoring on Google Play

Also, remember about possibility to lock/unlock the target device or check its location instantly using SMS commands (No access to the Control Panel or Internet needed!).

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