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Please carefully read this end user license agreement (here and after "EULA") before purchasing or using Pumpic software. By purchasing, downloading, installing, logging in, or otherwise using the application as well as a cloud based monitoring solution (here and after iCloud solution), you agree to adhere to the terms of this license. If you do not accept the terms of this license, do not purchase, download, install, log in, or use Pumpic software, delete it as well as all of its related files from your device. This EULA is a legal agreement between you and the software provider. By purchasing, downloading, installing, logging in, or otherwise using the app or iCloud solution, you agree to be bound by the terms.

By accepting this agreement, you agree to install this software only on a device or devices owned by you and, for cloud-based or other monitoring that does not require installation on a device, to use it only in connection with an account, application, or program you have the legal right to access. You also agree to inform any person(s) who use(s) a device with the software installed and any other person with the right to access a monitored account of the presence of the software. Failure to comply may result in you breaking state and federal laws. You understand and agree that you shall be responsible for any legal costs incurred by the application provider resulting from your improper or illegal use of the software.


Pumpic is designed only to be used to monitor your underage child or employee:

1) Child: Your own child that is under the legal age of 18 (as defined by the U.S. law). Unless you are a legal guardian thereof, you cannot monitor a child, if you hold one of the following relationships:

  • Brother / Sister
  • Step-Brother / Step-Sister
  • Step-Father / Step-Mother
  • Aunt / Uncle Cousin / Nephew
  • Grandfather / Grandmother
  • Great-Grandfather / Great-Grandmother

2) Employee: Your employee at a company you own, OR an employee at the same company as you, and you have managerial responsibilities for. An employee can be monitored using a phone owned by a company and issued to an employee under your company's policies regarding company phones. An employee must give consent and be notified he or she is being monitored before monitoring can begins.

Pumpic cannot be used to monitor any other individuals (such as a spouse, friend, significant other, parolee, probationer, etc.). This would violate the terms you agreed to at the point of purchase and be a subject to immediate termination without any reimbursement.

Note that Pumpic app applies to legal frames and creates a visible icon on the target phone your child or employee can delete with a special password only.

Refund Policy

Pumpic Application

Need to make sure that your kids don’t mix with a wrong clique? Pumpic is here to help you. It is a cross-platform tracking application designed to track cell phone and tablet activity of your children. Pumpic childcare monitoring will help you protect your loved ones remotely and secure their happiness.

Refund Policy

Every purchase of Pumpic products and their use are governed by this policy. Please read it through carefully before you make your purchase, since this Refund Policy sets forth the terms and conditions under which refunds are issued, as well as your rights in regards to your purchases, including any essential restrictions and exclusions. By placing an order on Pumpic.com, you agree that your order shall be governed by this policy.

Refund Conditions

As a subject to these Refund Policy conditions, you may be eligible for a full refund within 10 days starting from the date of your purchase, if only your reasons do not contradict with the Refund Policy conditions outlined below. No refund will be issued after the refund period is over. Upon being issued, a refund is subject to $15 Refund Fee as Pumpic carries third-party expenses and is not responsible for their fees.

A refund may be applied only to your primary Pumpic subscription purchase. If you own more than one subscription, no refund will be available. Your money may be refunded only once. If you buy another Pumpic subscription at later time, this will not be a subject to any refund. Any purchase of Pumpic software at a discount price is non-refundable. No refund is issued, if a customer refuses to update Pumpic version, which should follow any upgrade on the target device.

Please note that promo subscriptions, which come in addition to a plan you purchase, are not subjects to a refund. If everything is fine with a subscription that you have bought at full price, your order will not be refunded regardless of any issues with subscriptions that you have gotten for free or at a discounted price.


If something goes wrong with Pumpic software due to our fault, you can be eligible for a full refund within 10 days starting from the date of its purchase according to the Refund Policy conditions outlined below. However, we are sure that most refunds can be avoided if you request professional help from our customer support.

Note : Subscription Prolongation/Automatic Renewals are Non-Refundable

Force majeure

No refund can be granted to Pumpic customers in case their reasons for a refund request are completely beyond our control.
The reasons for no refund can be the following:

  • The target device is no longer connected to the Internet for some reasons (empty balance, network interruptions, roaming-related issues etc.). Please also note that the iCloud solution requires a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal.
  • A mobile operator is changed by the target phone user, which leads to the loss of the Internet connectivity and consequently to an improper functioning of Pumpic.
  • The target device has been reset to the original factory settings or Pumpic app has been removed from the target device.
  • A customer did not follow the installation guidelines provided by our customer support, which resulted in the failure to install the app.
  • A customer does not have physical access to the target device or Apple ID and the password for iCloud account of the target device (in case of using iCloud monitoring solution).
  • A client uses iCloud solution and is unable to check backup settings or perform a backup manually.
  • A customer purchased the iCloud solution subscription, but intended to monitor activities beyond the provided jailbreak-free feature list (Text Messages, Calls, Browsing History, Bookmarks, Location, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, Notes (up to iOS 8.4.1), Skype (up to iOS 8.4.1), Kik (from iOS 9.0), WhatsApp).
  • A client intended to use iCloud solution for monitoring the data that had been deleted from the target device before a backup was performed.
  • A customer didn’t know the app is visible to the user of the target phone.
  • A customer didn’t receive previous data from the target device because Pumpic had not been installed at that time.
  • The target device is run by an operating system (or its version), which is not specified on our Compatibility page.
  • A customer planned to use one Pumpic subscription plan on more than one target device.
  • Other personal reasons (“I’ve changed my mind”, “I’ve made a purchase by mistake”, etc.)
  • A customer is either unable or unwilling to jailbreak the target iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), or to use iCloud Solution. A refund is not issued if a jailbreak version is not yet available for the given iOS version.
  • A customer is either unable or unwilling to root the target Android device to obtain full functionality of the application, which includes viewing information from Google Chrome, IM activity, or emails.
  • A customer has reached the limit on his or her subscription plan.
  • A customer intended to monitor web activities in non-standard web browsers on Android (other than standard Internet and Google Chrome).
  • A customer intended to use the iCloud solution and monitor web activities in non-standard web browsers on iOS (other than Safari).
  • The target device is switched/replaced.
  • A customer intended to monitor browsing activities in the Incognito or Private mode.
  • A customer refuses to update the application or OS version after the technical issues have been resolved successfully.
  • A client refuses to provide print-screens from the target device required for handling a technical problem or proving proper setup.
  • A customer cannot utilize the application properly due to the functioning of any anti-virus, other software, or other spyware installed on the target device.
  • No refund is issued if the Keylogger feature does not work because the target device user uses a Keyboard different from US English.
  • A customer cannot or does not want to additionally enable the Keylogger feature on the target Android device following the instructions provided by Pumpic customer support.

Refund Procedure

You are required to send your refund request to our support department at support@pumpic.com. We do not accept refund requests made via our Live Chat or by phone. A refund decision is usually made within one or two business days.

Privacy Policy & COPPA Notice

We (“Pumpic”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) value your privacy and privacy of your children. This Privacy Policy & COPPA Notice (“Privacy & COPPA Notice” and/or “Policy” and/or “Notice”) details the steps we take to protect your (the “Parent” and/or “Guardian”) and your child’s (“Child” and/or “Children”) personal information and contains important information for parents about how we collect, use, and disclose the personal information we collect from you and children under thirteen (13) years of age who use our website services at  www.pumpic.com (the “Website”), through our Pumpic mobile application for Devices based on Android platform (“Pumpic Application”), through a cloud based monitoring solution for Devices based on iOS platform (“iCloud Solution”), through browser and other web extension applications such as web-based control panel (“Control Panel”), and through the services available through our Website and/or Pumpic Application, and/or iCloud Solution, and/or Control Panel (collectively, the “Services”). It describes the personal information that we collect, the purposes for which we use such information, and your choices regarding our use of it.

The steps we take to protect your and your Child’s personal information and how you can review and correct your and your Child’s personal information are also covered here.

This Policy refers to personal information which is information that can be associated with a specific person and used to identify that person. Personal information does not include information that has been de-identified so that it does not identify a specific user and/or client, which may be used for any legal purpose.

Notice to Parents

It is our intention to adhere to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (“COPPA”). This Notice, among others, describes our practices of collecting, using, and disclosing personal information from children under thirteen (13) years old and outlines our commitment as an operator of the Website to protect the privacy and safety online of COPPA covered persons. For the purposes of this Privacy & COPPA Notice, “child” or “children” means a child or children under thirteen (13) years old.

Children’s personal information will be handled as described in this Privacy & COPPA Notice. If you have any questions about these policies, you may contact us by e-mail at legal@pumpic.com.

For more information about COPPA and your Child's rights to online privacy, you may visit  http://www.coppa.org/comply.html

We also allow you to review your Child's personal information, ask to have it deleted, and refuse to allow any further collection or use of your Child's information. (See below for further instructions.)

Use of our Services, and any dispute over privacy, is subject to this Privacy & COPPA Notice, and our Terms of Use, including its applicable limitations on damages and the resolution of disputes. Our Terms of Use are incorporated by reference into this Privacy & COPPA Notice.

Parental Consent Required

We recognize that our Services are primary targeted at children and their online and mobile device activities. Therefore, we shall collect personal information from your Child with your consent only, and we need your consent before we collect, use, or disclose the information.

By purchasing Pumpic Software, you certify (i) that you consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure of your child’s personal information as described in Pumpic’s Privacy Policy & COPPA Notice, (ii) you have been provided with access to copies of, and have reviewed and fully understand the Pumpic’s Privacy Policy & COPPA Notice and Terms of Use (pumpic.com/policy.html), (iii) that you agree on behalf of your Child to such Privacy Policy & COPPA Notice and Terms of Use and that the information provided by you is true and accurate.

If we learn we have collected or received personal information from a Child under thirteen (13) without verification of parental consent, we will delete that information.

Information We Collect or Access

Personal Information We Collect Directly from You

When you purchase Pumpic Software we collect your‎ name,‎ email address,‎ phone number, your billing information (e.g., credit card number, expiration date, etc.), and other information you directly give us when purchasing our Pumpic Software.

Personal Information We Collect Through Our Services

We will also collect personal information about you and/or your Child that you and/or your Child provide(s) through our Services.

Pumpic may collect from your Child’s Device data and/or personal information, which may include, without limitation (collectively “Monitored Content”):

  • Your Child’s first and last name, gender, age and year of birth;
  • A home or other physical address including street name and name of a city or town;
  • Online contact information;
  • A screen or user name that functions as online contact information;
  • A telephone number;
  • A persistent identifier that can be used to recognize a user over time and across different websites or online services;
  • Calls history;
  • Text message history;
  • Browsing history (including online search terms your Child uses);
  • Chat messages and/or calls on messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Skype etc.)
  • Calendar;
  • Contacts;
  • A photograph, video, or audio file, where such file contains a child’s image or voice;
  • Applications your Child downloads on his/her Device;
  • Your Child’s networking activity; or
  • Geolocation information from your Child’s Device sufficient to identify street name and name of a city or town.

Information We Collect Automatically

As is true of most online services, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. Therefore, we may automatically collect information about you and your Child through cookies, web beacons, and other technologies. The collected information may include, but is not limited to, internet protocol (IP) address, domain name; browser type and operating system; web pages viewed while logged in; links clicked; and the referring URL, or the webpage that led you to our Services.

Cookies. We and/or our third party service providers (such as Google Analytics) may log information using “cookies.” Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive. Cookies help us make our Services better. We do not use cookies to obtain personal information about you and/or your Child from your computer and/or Child’s Device. You may set your computer and/or Child’s Device to warn you each time a cookie is sent, or you may set your computer and/or Child’s Device to turn off all cookies, but this will limit some functionality of our Services.

Web Beacons. We may log information using digital images called web beacons. We use web beacons to manage cookies, count visits, and to learn what marketing works and what does not.

Non-Personal Information

We may also collect what is known as non-personally identifiable information. For example, we collect certain non-personally identifiable information when you visit our Website, such as the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari), the type of operating system you are using, (e.g., Windows or Mac OS), the IP address of your computer, and the domain name of your Internet service provider.

Our Use of Information

Our Use of Monitored Content. Our employees do not have access to your and/or your Child personal information contained in Monitored Content and stored on our servers.

Services and Transactions. We use your, Parent’s or Guardian’s, personal information to deliver our Services, providing information on our Services, processing your orders, handling service issues, answering you service requests, facilitating use of our Website and/or Services, and so forth. In order to offer you a more consistent experience in your interactions with Pumpic, information collected by or through our Website and/or Services may be combined with information we collect by other means.

Website and Services improvement. We may use your personal information to operate, maintain, and improve our Website and/or Services, or to make our Website and/or Services easier to use by, for example, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly enter the same information, customizing our Website and/or Services to your particular preference or interests.

Communications. We may use your personal information gathered via our Website and/or Services to send you information including confirmations, invoices, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages; and to inform you about the Services available from Pumpic. For example, about the availability of new features of Pumpic Software, promotions, upcoming events, and other news about the Services. When collecting information that might be used to contact you about our Services, we will always give you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving such communications. Moreover, each e-mail communication we send includes an unsubscribe link allowing you to stop delivery of that type of communication. If you elect to unsubscribe, we will remove you from the relevant list within seven (7) business days.

Other Uses. We may also use information about you (i) to track and analyze trends and usage in connection with our Website and/or Services; (ii) to protect our rights or property; (iii) to compare information for accuracy; (iv) to verify your identity; (v) to investigate and prevent fraud or other illegal activities; (vi) to provide you with notices about your account/subscription, including expiration and renewal notices; (vii) to notify you about changes to our Services or any products and/or services we offer or provide though them, and (vi) for any other purpose with your consent and disclosed to you in connection with our Services.

Disclosure of Personal Information

How We Disclose Children’s Personal Information

We do not sell, trade, disclose or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Сhild’s personal information. Your Child’s personal information may be disclosed only (i) to our vendors or third parties that process data on our behalf; (ii) in connection with any proposed or actual sale or other transfer of some or all assets of Pumpic in the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets; (iii) may be disclosed as otherwise permitted by You; and/or (iv) if required to do so by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with legal requirements or with legal process served on us, to protect and defend our rights or property, or in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of any individual.

We do not enable Children to make their personal information publicly available through our Services.

How We Disclose Your Personal Information

We do not sell or rent the personal information we collect from you to nonaffiliated parties except to provide you with Services, when we have your permission, or under the circumstances listed below. However, we do not provide user information to third party companies for their own marketing purposes.

  • To nonaffiliated companies that we engage as contractors or agents to perform services for us, such as hosting websites, sending out information, processing transactions, advertising, and analyzing our Site and Services; sending direct mail communications. We will disclose your information with such contractors only to the extent reasonably necessary for them to perform services on our behalf, consistent with this Privacy & COPPA Notice;
  • In response to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, from law enforcement agencies or state and federal regulators, or as otherwise required by law;
  • To assert or defend our legal rights, including fraud prevention and enforcing this Privacy & COPPA Notice and our Terms of Use;
  • To protect the rights, property, or safety of us or other persons, including to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues, or anything else that we may consider to be, or pose a risk of being, an illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity;
  • As we deem appropriate to attempt to prevent physical or emotional harm to other persons and/or to their property based on overt or implied threat;
  • In connection with an actual or proposed corporate merger, acquisition, asset purchase, or other transaction or proceeding involving all or part of the business or assets to which the information pertains; and
  • To other companies, such as direct marketers to perform marketing services on our behalf, or other institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements.
  • We may also disclose aggregate, anonymous, or de-identified information about users for marketing, advertising, research, compliance, or other purposes


We have implemented safeguards to protect the information we collect. Please be aware that despite our efforts, no data security measures can guarantee 100% security.

You should take steps to protect against unauthorized access to your log-in and/or password, your Child’s Device, your computer by, among other things, signing off after using a shared computer, choosing a robust password that nobody else knows or can easily guess, and keeping your log-in and password private. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or compromised passwords or for any activity on your Pumpic Account via unauthorized password activity.

Parents’ Rights to Review, Delete, and Control Our Use of Their Child’s Personal Information

You have a right to review the information we have collected about their Child, to delete it, and to tell us to no longer use your Child’s personal information. At any time, you may revoke your consent, refuse to allow us to further collect your Child's personal information. Please note that in such case we shall be required to terminate our Services and you and/or your Child will no longer be able to use Pumpic Software.

At any time, if you would like to:

  • Request stored information about your Child; or
  • Change (review, correct, update) information about your Child; or
  • Revoke or Delete Your Consent for Pumpic to use your Child's information,

then include your name, your Child’s name, and your email address, specify clearly the action you would like us to take and contact us online by email at: legal@pumpic.com. We will try to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable.

New Consent If Change in This Policy 

We may amend this Privacy & COPPA Notice at any time. We will provide parents notice by email of any material changes in the way we intend to collect, use or disclose your Child's personal information. Please note that, at all times, parents should update their personal information to provide us current e-mail addresses. We will apply material changes to this policy only in compliance with applicable law, including any applicable provisions of COPPA that require parent consent. 

Changes to this Policy 

We may change this Policy from time to time, so please be sure to check back periodically. We will post any changes to this Policy on our Website. If we make any material changes to this Policy, we will endeavor to provide parents and children with notice in advance by sending notice to the parent’s email address of record.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the aforementioned Refund Policy, Privacy Policy or
any other questions on operation of this Site, please feel free to contact us via