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This app is free – and unlike some paid parental control apps, it proposes both monitoring and remote managing features.


Do not expect that someone will help you if something goes wrong with the app, as there is no Support team at all. Also, there are no updates, so the app is unlikely to be improved somehow. Abeona also lacks efficient monitoring and managing features, which is why it cannot ensure complete protection.

The Verdict – 2.4/10

Despite a short list of features, this app compensates all disadvantages with its price, as it is free. With its help, parents can keep track of GPS location, call logs, and browsing history. Proposed features cannot fully protect kids from online dangers or secure personal information, in case, the device is lost or stolen.


Abeona is good at monitoring calls, visited websites, and GPS location. Also, the app enables parents to view and manage applications installed on the target device.

Still, lack of many distinctive features that any good parental control app has makes Abeona more back up application rather than a fully-fledged app for supplementing the good level of protection.

Reports & Logs – 2/10

The app proposes access to a list of all incoming and outgoing calls made with a help of a kid’s device. However, the app will not notify you about a SIM change so no one can hedge a kid from changing a SIM card and make unrecorded calls. Also, with a help of this app, it is possible to check browsing history. A geo-event feature notifies parents where a kid is at the current period and if he or she enters or leaves certain areas.

With this app, you will know nothing about social media activities and messages received or sent by your kid. As a result, this app is ill-suited for protection from cyberbullying, sexting, or online harassment.

Features – 3.5/10

Abeona blocks apps and in-app purchases as well as prohibits installation of new applications without parents’ permission. Still, it won’t block inappropriate websites or SMS sent every day.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

There is no possibility to lock the phone, delete personal information, in case the phone is stolen or lost, or limit time usage of the device. The only thing you can do is blocking the apps.

Help & Support – 0/10

You install the app at your risk, and if something goes wrong, you are the person, who has to solve the problems. Still, it is predictable because of a free-of-charge basis of the app.

Conclusion – 2.4/10

With a help of Abeona, parents can track the current location of kids, look through call logs and browsing history, and manage installed apps on the target device. If that is all you need to monitor activities of your children, this free app is for you.

However, if you want to protect your child from cyberbullying, online threats, and sexting, then you should consider other more reliable parental controls.

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