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eBlaster allows monitoring call logs and text messages. The app lets users track GPS location and block inappropriate websites children may visit.


Compatible with Android and BlackBerry only. Provides too few features. Illegal due to a stealth mode and voice log recording. Doesn’t track social media and chats.

The Verdict – 2.2/10

eBlaster works well within the functions it provides. However, they are not enough to offer all-round child protection. There are many other similar, but legal monitoring solutions.


Though the application provides very useful features of remote monitoring, they are not enough to provide your kids with reliable and comprehensive protection. All the app can do it does really good. However, there are many apps offering much more opportunities for the same price.

In addition, the app operates in a stealth mode and records voice logs, which is illegal. In the list provided on our website, you can find the same monitoring solutions operating on a legal basis. Available for BlackBerry and Android only, eBlaster cannot cover all the variety of consumer needs. The app doesn’t allow monitoring social networks and online chats.

Reports & Logs – 2/10

eBlaster provides smooth call and text message monitoring. It allows viewing the time of each call, a phone number, and call duration. The app also logs sent and received SMS. The GPS tracking function also works good letting parents find exact whereabouts of their kids.

Unfortunately, the application doesn’t allow monitoring calendar events and contacts. Neither does eBlaster allow keeping track of social networks and online chats, which are a known source of threat for children. Multimedia file monitoring, keylogging, and browsing history/bookmark control are also not supported.

Limits & Restrictions – 2/10

The app allows parents to block inappropriate websites. Thus, as soon as you find out that your children view materials restricted for the underage on their devices, you can prevent them from accessing it all in future. eBlaster offers over 150 categories of online content for blocking including alcohol, tobacco, and nudity.

eBlaster lets neither set limits on applications nor view downloaded ones on the target device. Phone number and keyword restrictions are unavailable as well. A lack of a daily SMS amount limit is also a serious loss for comprehensive child protection.

Security & Management – 2/10

The application allows changing device setting remotely. It also sends regular activity reports to your email. Thus, you will be notified about every activity on the target device on time. eBlaster doesn’t support SIM card change notifications. It allows you neither to wipe nor to lock the target device remotely.

Help & Support – 7/10

eBlaster’s support team operates well enough to leave its users satisfied with care. It also provides 24/7 assistance. Live chat is at your orders as well. Thus, you can apply to support representatives at any time and receive a reply right away.

Conclusion – 2/10

The application will provide you with some useful monitoring opportunities. Call logs, text messages, location tracking, site blocking. However, there are much more features to be desired in addition. Like provided by most of other monitoring apps. eBlaster really lacks many significant monitoring solutions to meet clients’ requirements. Moreover, it operates illegally, which leaves nothing else to say.

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