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This application gives a possibility to monitor the details of Contacts listed on the target device so you can make sure that your kids communicate with the right people.


Inspite of the name, the app has nothing to do with application lists or any other cell phone or online activities. The application doesn’t support call logs, message and email reviewing nor GPS tracking. Inaccessibility to social media, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, stored content and application lists makes the app almost useless.

The Verdict – 3.2/10

This single-purposed application can come in handy to those parents who only want to know a circle of contacts of their children. However, taking into consideration the usage of social media by children it would be better to check their online social networks. Unfortunately, the app has no such possibility. As a result, the app monitors the minority of contacts so it is ineffective.


This application enables you to remotely monitor contact details of the target device.

IgnoreNoMoreApp reminds just a part of usual parental control applications and rather its inferior part. There are no usual options like call logs or social media monitoring. This app cannot be considered as protecting one because it proposes no features of this kind.

Reports & Logs – 1/10

The only access you get using the application is contact details. However, you won’t know a list of their online friends on Facebook or Skype and it will be impossible to track the location of your children as there is no such option.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

This parental control application gives you no control at all. You can’t limit or block applications as well as websites. Despite the fact that this app deals with phone numbers and contacts you won’t be able to restrict numbers so your child can receive calls from unknown numbers. Another feature that is missing here is limiting of SMS amount – so your child will get a chance to send unlimited number of messages.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

IgnoreNoMoreApp proposes a remote access to the target phone so you can easily find the information concerning contacts of a phone’s user. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t protect a phone and personal data from thieves – you can’t block a phone and wipe all content.

Help & Support – 5/10

Users of the application can use contact form on the official website or send an email with all questions concerning the work of the app. However, do not expect a prompt reply – there are no 24/7 Support service.

Conclusion – 3.2/10

Single option of this application hardly costs that money; moreover, there are many free applications with the same level of functionality. What for pay more? Or, if you really want to protect your children from cyberbullies, inappropriate websites and sexual harassment online, choose one of enhanced parental control applications with a large number of features.

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