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The app is one of the cheapest in the sphere of parental control apps – it costs no more than $6.99. It is perfect for blocking apps, in-app purchases, and installation of new apps unapproved by parents. The same goes for browsing the Internet – parents can block access to inappropriate websites.


The app cannot guarantee online security to kids as it has no monitoring features at all. Parents will know nothing about kids’ chats, messages, social media activities, calls, etc.

The Verdict – 4.3/10

Kidslox is an app that is suitable for setting boundaries of using a handheld device. Parents can limit access to the device, set time limits, block apps, particular websites, and categories of sites. The app fulfills only managing tasks. However, it has no monitoring features, so parents will not timely notice any potential online danger.


Kidslox is a blocking app that remotely controls the target device. With its help, it is possible to lock the device, so it also fulfills some anti-theft features.

Still, lack of monitoring features requires additional software for ensuring online security of children. The app will not check any activities nor give a clear notion of calls and messages received or sent with the help of the target device.

Reports & Logs – 2.5/10

The app is a complete failure regarding monitoring. None of the monitoring features is presented here, so parents will not receive any information about kids’ actions with their handheld devices. According to this, the effectivity of protection leaves a lot to be desired.

Features – 0/10

The primary aim of the app is to provide a possibility to set boundaries of kid’s usage of the gadget. The app has a limited set of features though they work as they should – parents can block access to the device itself for a certain period or at set time – for example, school time, night time or dinner time.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

Kidslox proposes a possibility of remote management of the target gadget as parents can lock the device so no one will be able to use it unless a parent gives permission. Moreover, this feature will come in handy in case the phone is lost or stolen. However, you will not be able to track a location of the lost phone or wipe the data from SD card to protect personal information.

Help & Support – 2/10

Forget about immediate answers to any of your questions to the Support team. First, there are no online means of communication. Second, members of the Support team do not work 24/7. You can send your request via email or contact form.

Conclusion – 4.3/10

This app is perfect as a means of limiting the usage of the target device. With its help parents, themselves decide when and how their children will use their smartphones or tablets. The app blocks unwanted apps and websites as well as sets time limits of phone usage.

However, lack of monitoring and anti-theft features calls for additional software installed on the target device to supplement adequate protection.

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