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The app is easy-to-use and allows a user to look through the list of visited websites and applications installed on the target device. In addition, it is possible to block certain websites and apps.


As a matter of fact, ParentKit is a two-purposed application. It can review and block apps and sites, and that is all it can actually do. No calls and message tracking, no GPS locating, no monitoring of social media is provided.

The Verdict – 4.9/10

Although the app is proposed at a middle price, the functionality of it is really poor in comparison with apps of the same price. It more looks like a demo-version of a parental control app, though some parents may find it useful as it allows them to block inappropriate websites.


ParentKit is one among many parental control applications available in the Internet. And, as many other apps, it does not meet requirements of thoughtful parents. The only features of this app concern browsing history and applications installed on the target device. Perhaps, it could fit parents, whose children have no notion of social media. With its help, you can remotely manipulate a child’s device by blocking certain applications and access to websites.

It is safe to say that this app defaults on a duty of a parental control app. ParentKit has so many gaps in the protection of kids that it can be used as an addition to the main defensive application.

Reports & Logs – 2/10

With help of this application you will be able to look through websites your children have visited recently and see the list of applications they installed on their gadgets. And that are the only fields of the app’s activity. Calls, texts, emails, and multimedia content stored on the device – you will know nothing of that. For sure, Skype, Kik, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages, Viber and Instagram are also wrapped in obscurity. And forget about keylogger – there is none of that.

The options of GPS location and Geo-fencing are also unavailable here. That means that you will not be able to find a lost phone or rest assured that your child is safe in the place where he or she has to be at the moment. You have no control of multimedia content – as a result, your child is at risk of receiving nude photos or adult videos from strangers in the Internet.

Limits & Restrictions – 5/10

ParentKit allows parents to block or limit applications installed on the target device. As a result, your children will have no possibility to spend money on games. Also it blocks access to websites with inappropriate content. Yet you won’t be able to protect your child from undesirable calls or sexting – there is no phone number restriction or word filters.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

Remote management is the only tool available. You will get a possibility to manipulate the target device – to block apps. There are no anti-theft features, you won’t wipe or lock a lost or stolen phone and the change of a SIM card will be unnoticed. As a result, all personal information stored on the device is in potential danger.

Help & Support – 2/10

The only way to contact the Support team of ParentKit, in case if you have questions concerning the app usage, is to fill in the contact form and send a request via email.

Conclusion – 4.9/10

ParentKit is an inferior variation of a parental control app. It is not worth the money it costs – there are many applications with far better functionality at the same price. Moreover, there are no features necessary for any parental control app – call and message tracking and GPS location.

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