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SafetyWeb is an incredibly cheap application; you can hardly find an app as cheap as this one. Among the features of the app are call and text logging, reviewing of photos and videos stored on the target device, and monitoring of browsing history.


The app has no possibility of remote manipulating; you will not be able to block access to certain websites, applications or content. There is no access to any online activities including social media, emails, and IM chats. As a result, the protection of children remains insufficient.

The Verdict – 4.3/10

This app coincides more with spy applications rather than with parental control apps. You can’t control anything on the target device, this app fits for monitoring only.


With help of SafetyWeb, you will be able to monitor calls, SMS, multimedia content on the target device, and look through the history of visited websites.

On the contrary, a user of the app will be able to supervise activities of his or her children without controlling them, because the app has no such options. Moreover, there is no possibility of monitoring emails, contact details and calendar events. In addition, there are no anti-theft features as well as GPS tracking.

Reports & Logs – 2.5/10

The app sends reports concerning incoming and outgoing calls and SMS and creates a list of websites your child has visited recently.

Altogether, you will know nothing about emails, Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp as well as what happens in Instagram of your kid. And without GPS tracking you won’t have a slightest idea where your child is at the moment. Taking into consideration that nowadays cyberbullies are active in social media, the effectiveness of the app’s protection is tentative.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

SafetyWeb has none of the following features – that is simple as that. You can do nothing with the target device. You cannot limit the access to inappropriate websites or block uncontrolled applications. Your child could become a victim of sexting, harassment, or cyberbullying and you can do nothing with that because there are no keyword filters there. All personal information on the target device is on the line because you can’t lock the device or wipe an SD card.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

With help of SafetyWeb, you can remotely monitor the content of the device as well as the history of calls and browsing.

Due to deficiency of anti-theft features the leak of personal information is more than possible, in case if a phone is lost or stolen. Because of scarce functionality you will not be able to block the target device, find the location of the lost one or wipe the content in the stolen one. Moreover, there are no SIM card change notifications.

Help & Support – 5/10

One feature that distinguishes this app among many others is that you can make a phone call to the Support team. There is one thing that belittles this accomplishment – the members of Support team work at fixed hours, not 24/7. As a result, you cannot expect a prompt reply; however, you could try emailing them or use a contact form on the official website of the application.

Conclusion – 4.3/10

PhoneSheriff lacks a few features such as keystroke and email logging on certain platforms, but it is ideal in most ways. This parental control app logs all basic smartphone activities such as calls, text messages, videos, photos and contacts. It also provides you with GPS monitoring and several privacy features such as the ability to remotely wipe or lock the phone. The company's technical help and support is good, though 24/7 access would make it even better. PhoneSheriff offers a wide assortment of features that make it the best parental control app.

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