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Screentime Labs



With help of this application you can secure yourself from unexpected expenditures – your kid will not be able to spend money for various applications.


It is a single-purposed application that deals with application lists only. That means that you will get no access to calls, messages, emails, and multimedia content, say nothing of GPS tracking. It also has nothing to do with the Internet usage – you will not be able to block websites or monitor the content.

The Verdict – 4.7/10

ScreenTimeLabs is OK if the only your trouble is a sum of money your children spend buying achievements in applications. It will help you with no other needs – no one talks about online security of children here.


ScreenTimeLabs looks more like a supplement to another parental control application. The scarcity of features is unanswerable and it is hard to explain such high price for such poor functionality.

An application that can monitor other applications on the target device is useful, right, however, it doesn’t fulfill the main purpose of parental control apps – to secure children. Online protection is essential, but this app can’t block websites or check online activity of kids. Nor can it monitor calls, emails, text messages, and social media. With this app you can forget about GPS locating and geo-fencing, so the security of your children will be up in the air.

Reports & Logs – 1/10

ScreenTimeLabs enables its users to look through the list of installed applications on a smartphone or a tablet that belongs to their children.

Other features common for any other parental control app like call logs and message reviewing are unavailable here. The possibility of monitoring social media, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Kik is not included. As a result, your kid will be able to surf through the Internet freely and visit any website he or she wants.

Limits & Restrictions – 3.5/10

The app gives a possibility to limit the list of approved applications and block inappropriate ones –ScreenTimeLabs fulfills this task successfully. In case of any features like limiting SMS amount, website blocking, or phone number restrictions – the situation is pathetic. The app proposes none of that.

Security & Management – 5/10

Remote monitoring is available here so you can use any device, log in, and get access to the list of installed applications on the target device. After you get access to the apps, you can block them or lock a phone, in case if you want to save personal information on a stolen or lost device.

Unfortunately, without GPS locating this feature looks more like a means of irritating a thief, because you won’t be able to find the location of the target phone.

Help & Support – 5/10

To contact the Support team of ScreenTimeLabs you can use the contact form and email. Members of the Support team don’t work around the clock so you will have to wait for an answer. In addition, you will get email notifications concerning software updates.

Conclusion – 4.7/10

ScreenTimeLabs is not cheap, but the functionality is really poor. Purchasing an enhanced application with a full range of services and features could be sounder solution because this application leaves extended stamping ground for online predators, cyberbullies, and other Internet perils.

A parental control application has to supplement online protection of children; however, this app neglects this duty. What’s the point of using the app that practically does nothing for children’s security?

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