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Provides many useful features for monitoring children on the phone. Includes geo-fences to notify you, when restricted areas are entered.


Lacks website and app blocking. Doesn’t support social media and online chat monitoring. The app operates outside the law.

The Verdict – 4/10

StealthGenie will provide you with wide monitoring opportunities and your kids – with pretty good protection. However, the app is illegal.


This monitoring application comprises many really workable monitoring solutions. Thus, you can keep control over cell phone usage and track website surfing. It is compatible with all major OS like Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Geo-fencing is another bonus you will surely appreciate.

Nevertheless, there are some functions the application lacks. Thus, you will not find either website or app restrictions among options that StealthGenie provides. It will not allow you to monitor social media and chats too. Moreover, StealthGenie violates human rights by allowing voice and surroundings recording as well as stealth mode operation.

Reports & Logs – 4/10

The app lets you track cell phone activities quite precisely. Thus, you can monitor calls and text messages, emails and websites visited, location (plus geo-fencing), calendar, contacts, and multimedia files.

Unfortunately, StealthGenie doesn’t support social media monitoring. Online chat monitoring is not supported as well. It’s important for such software to provide access to social networks and chats children use, as major dangers the underage face come from these particular sources. A keylogger would be a benefit as well, though it’s missing in StealthGenie’s functionality.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

The app will not provide you with any abilities to set restrictions or put limits. Thus, you will not be able to block websites, if your children visit inappropriate ones. Neither to block apps or set time limits on their running. Nor restrict phone calls by number. Nor text messages by keywords.

Security & Management – 10/10

StealthGenie provides remote control over the target device. SIM card change notifications are supported as well. The app lets you wipe and lock the phone, as well as send SMS commands to manipulate that target device remotely.

Help & Support – 5/10

You can easily contact StealthGenie’s client care team by sending your request to 24/7 Customer Support. Alternatively, you can use live chat for the same purpose.

However, there is no phone number to contact the team directly. Thus, you will have to wait a while, until your request is processing.

Conclusion – 4/10

As you can see from the aforementioned, StealthGenie has enough running powers to secure your children and let you keep an eye on them remotely. However, there are many solutions to be desired. Most crucial of them are social media and online chat monitoring – a serious lack. But the worst is that StealthGenie is illegal. Thus, each time you run the app you violate personal rights of the target device owner by recording his or her voice and leaving him or her no chance to detect StealthGenie on his or her phone or tablet.

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