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Many useful monitoring features. Compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Keylogger and remote control. Social media monitoring opportunities.


The app requires jailbreak to run all features appropriately. TopSpy is illegal due to a stealth mode, recording conversations and surroundings.

The Verdict – 7/10

TopSpyApp offers many good features for comprehensive child protections. However, the app includes solutions, which are illegal due to violating humans’ rights.


The application allows parents to monitor cell phone use, online activities, and location remotely. In addition, it lets manipulate the target device without physical access. TopSpy also provides some special features like keylogging for more profound surveillance.

Despite all those helpful opportunities that the app provides, TopSpy has one serious disadvantage – the app operates illegally. Thus, it allows users record phone conversations and surroundings that violates personal rights and breaks the law.

Reports & Logs – 7/10

The app logs all required cell phone data including calls, text messages, emails, location, multimedia files, websites visited, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, apps, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook. In addition, a keylogger allows parents to view kids’ online activities performed via a private browser mode.

However, there are some more features to be desired for more comprehensive security. Thus, it would be reasonable to add Instagram to social media as well as Snapchat and Kik to online chat monitoring. These services are most popular among teenagers these days. At the same time, they are a huge source of online dangers like online predators and cyberbullying. A lack of a geo-fencing option is a considerable loss too.

Limits & Restrictions – 6/10

TopSpyApp lets you view all downloaded applications and block those you consider inappropriate for your kids. The app also allows blocking websites and restricting callers and message senders, who can reach your children on the phone. Keyword restrictions are supported too.

On the other hand, the app lacks application limiting (by time) and limiting the amount of text messages sent per day.

Security & Management – 7/10

The application has nice remote management options. Thus, you can access the data tracked from any place via your Control Panel. In addition, you can lock or wipe the target device remotely. However, there is no chance to monitor SIM card changes and get notified about it. That would be a great addition to the app, so as to cover children with more reliable protection.

Help & Support – 8/10

TopSpyApp offers 24/7 customer care assistance. Thus, as soon as you need any help, you can send a request by using an email, contact form, or live chat. The app gets updated systematically as well.

Conclusion – 7/10

Generally, TopSpy gives you great monitoring opportunities. Much of its features can really provide your children with comprehensive security both online and during daily activities. But there is one considerable detail, which disregards all aforementioned benefits. TopSpyApp is outside the law. It violates human rights and thus, is not recommended for using.

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