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TXTWatcher has several essential options any parental control app should have: call history and SMS reviewing. Also the app enables a user to monitor applications installed on the target smartphone or tablet.


The app has an exorbitant price – one of the highest you can find. Unfortunately, the price you pay for the app is the money to burn because the app doesn’t meet any requirements thoughtful parents have to apps of this kind.

The Verdict – 4.1/10

It is an application with unreasonably high price and cropped functionality. You can find much better apps that will cost you the half of its price. This app can’t provide sufficient protection to your children.


The application will come in handy, in case if you want just to keep track of cell phone activities of your children without active involvement. However, the price of the app diminishes any advantages of it, if there are any. This is not about children’s online security – it is about monitoring only.

Reports & Logs – 2/10

TXTWatcher reports a parent about any SMS, incoming and outgoing call a child has made. Any new application installed on the target device will also be noticed as you will receive a notification. Unfortunately, these are the only possibilities of this application and, actually speaking, it is possible to find free applications with such options.

The application lacks too many options like monitoring emails, contact details, or browsing history. GPS location and Geo-fencing are unavailable here, so you won’t be able to find a lost device. No chats nor social media messages are monitored, so your children will be at risk of online sexual harassment or cyberbullying.

Limits & Restrictions – 0/10

The app misses all essential features of a usual parental control application. No possibility to limit or block applications as well as block websites with inappropriate content. Take into consideration that you leave your child in the Internet unkept – it is just the same as to leave a toddler in the street alone.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

With help of the app parents are able to get remote monitoring of the target device and look through the available information poor as it is.

There is no possibility to protect personal information stored on the target device – you can’t block a phone or wipe an SD card. Another lack of the functionality is an omission of SIM card change notifications.

Help & Support – 2/10

Customer Support system is scarce too. Any question you have about the app you have to address via email or you can use contact form provided by the official website of the app. But don’t count on quick reply as the Customer Support works at certain hours.

Conclusion – 4.1/10

The most expensive single-purposed parental control application ever. The price here is unreasonably high and the functionality level is incredibly low. This application can’t stand on guard of children’s activities in the Internet because it has no possibility to block inappropriate content, websites, or keywords. Taking into consideration that the main dangers of using the Internet are cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and online predators the efficiency of this monitoring application slims to none.

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