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uKnowKids allows you to look through calls, text messages, multimedia files, and GPS location of the target mobile device, including a Geo-fencing feature.


This app is more monitoring rather than remote managing. It won’t give you access to any instant messengers (except Facebook Messenger), nor you will be able to block or limit access to any application or website.

The Verdict – 7.4/10

An enhanced parental control app requires too many features that this app lacks. With a help of uKnowKids, you will be able to look through some activities of your kids without a possibility to manage them.


uKnowKids can provide extensive monitoring of common features any phone has – call history and messages as well as photos and videos stored on a kid’s device. Parents can look through contact details and learn a social circle of their children. One essential feature is beneficial – it is GPS locating and Geo-fencing.

However, a lack of essential features like monitoring of instant messengers endangers children, as parents can’t timely get acquainted with cyberbullying accidents. According to this, uKnowKids cannot ensure top level protection for kids.

Reports & Logs – 7/10

uKnowKids works with the most common phone features: calls, SMS, multimedia files, contact lists, and a list of applications installed on the target device.

Social media, IM chats, and browsing history cannot be monitored and managed by this application. There is no keylogger, and the app cannot check calendar events.

Features – 3.5/10

The functionality of the app is extremely limited. As we have mentioned before, the app is mostly monitoring, so it cannot block access to particular sites or applications or delete inappropriate apps from the target device. This app will not allow parents to limit time spent on playing games or browsing the Internet, and it is one of the greatest cons of the app. More than that, the app doesn’t block in-app purchases and installation of new apps. Also, parents won’t be notified if a child receives threats or messages containing rude language.

Security & Management – 2.5/10

uKnowKids offers parents a personal dashboard, where it is possible to look through all tracked data – there is no need to get access to a child’s handheld device. Simply log in to your dashboard and all necessary information will be in hand.

On the other hand, the app has several lacks of security features. For example, you will not be notified if your kid will change a SIM card. And with this app, you will have to install additional antitheft software, as uKnowKids can’t remotely lock or wipe data from a lost or stolen device. Still, with a help of GPS tracking, it is possible to find out the precise location of the lost phone.

Help & Support – 4/10

uKnowKids has no free support, and it doesn’t work around the clock. If you have some questions about the functionality of the app or have technical problems with it, you can send an email or use a contact form, provided on the official site of the app – and it is not convenient when you need a fast solution.

Conclusion – 7.4/10

The application cannot be considered as error free protection for kids as it lacks a lot of features any good parental control app needs. Though with its help, you will be able to monitor main phone features.

Still, the app is constantly updating, so it is constantly improving.

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