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Kids' Phone Safety Blog

You Caught Your Child Watching Inappropriate Content. Do’s and Don’ts

October 18, 2017
Attention 18+

The World Wide Web is not all about fun, leisure, and education – it is as well full of content that is not appropriate for kids. Unless you follow your child on their every online step, it is almost for sure that sooner or later they will come across something unsuitable, forbidden or even shocking. That …

Parent’s Guide to the Biggest Messenger Apps

October 3, 2017
top messeenger apps

Today’s teenagers can’t imagine their life without socializing, especially when it comes to chatting with their peers on the Internet. Play Market and AppStore offer a great variety of smart messaging apps that can meet anyone’s needs and preferences. Usually, children don’t stint themselves to just …

Future of Parenting: What Raising Kids Will Be Like in 20 Years

September 25, 2017
mom teaches her daughter

If 20 years ago someone told our parents that modern technologies would become a common and inseparable part of our daily life starting from the early childhood, they probably would be surprised. Back in 1990’s, cell phones and the World Wide Web were only gaining their popularity and one could hardly imag …

Pumpic iCloud Solution Now Supports iOS 11

September 19, 2017
iOS 11

Users have just started to update their Apple gadgets with the new iOS 11 and our pros rolled up their sleeves to make sure that updated devices with our iOS monitoring solution installed will be fully compatible.Now you can benefit from Pumpic’s broad monitoring functionality on iPhones, iPads, and iP …

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Family Digital Pact

August 28, 2017
Set rules for Internet use

Modern technologies bring certain changes in the way today’s parents raise their children. Newest digital devices and the World Wide Web can help moms and dads stay connected with their little ones, keep an eye on them, entertain and educate them. However, the majority of children who get to know about sma …

The Blue Whale Challenge: a Hoax or Real Threat?

August 7, 2017

It is an indisputable fact nowadays that the Internet is not always safe to surf. Besides online communication, information and media that we became used to finding on the Web, it is also home to many hidden perils that a grown-up and – what's even more likely – a child may come across. Unfortunately, th …

What Is Dark Web and How to Insure Your Kid against It

July 27, 2017
What to to when a teen discovers the Dark Web?

Nowadays, modern technologies and the Internet are taking over each aspect of our lives. Our children get introduced to the World Wide Web at a very young age and grow up exploring more of its benefits. The Internet helps them out with education, communication, and brightens up their leisure. However, it is …

5 Worst Parenting Styles Ever

July 20, 2017
5 worst approaches to parenting

Each year in May we have a special day to celebrate our mothers, and in June we congratulate fathers. Both these wonderful holidays are followed by a day in July when we can bring all our parents together – National Parents’ Day (celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July). This holiday is a good reason for …

Meet the Gen-Z: Who Are The Centennials?

July 17, 2017
Centennials are digital natives

It seems that we know all about the Millennials (aka much discussed Generation Y). Social researchers and journalists gave them quite a bad rap, labeling them lazy, entitled, and narcissistic before Gen-Y even had a chance to prove themselves. No wonder Millennials used to loath the word and reject it, telli …

How to Be Friends with Kids on Social Networks. Rules for Parents

July 11, 2017
Being friends with kid on social media

With the development of the modern technologies in general and the social media in particular, the notion of “friendship” has spread from the real life to the virtual world as well. The vast majority of adults, as well as adolescents, create and actively use profiles on the various popular social network …

Signs That Your Kid Was Approached By an Online Predator

June 27, 2017
Predator luring kid

Modern teenagers can’t imagine their life without the Internet. Online is the only place where they feel free to do anything and can create a small world of their own. But the World Wide Web is not just about having fun while playing online games and chatting with friends. It’s not a safe place, and atte …

Summer Jobs for Teens: A Must-Read Guide for Parents

June 20, 2017
Teen waitor

Traditionally, summer is a time of vacations for adults and holidays for children. Those teens, who are not engaged in any extra-curriculum classes or other academic work during summer, may just enjoy themselves having more free time, hanging out with their friends or traveling. However, some teenagers are e …

Pumpic iCloud Solution Now Supports iOS 10.3.2

June 14, 2017
Pumpic supports iOS 10.3.2

We've got great news for those who are looking to update iOS to the latest version. From now on, Pumpic iOS (iCloud) solution supports the latest iOS 10.3.2 that improves the security of your Apple device.Keeping our product up to date with the newest mobile platform updates is fundamental for us. This a …

Apple iOS 11: Everything You Should Know About It

June 13, 2017

Last week Apple revealed iOS 11, which will officially step in for the current iOS 10 in fall 2017. The newest operating system will surprise the Apple users with a number of exciting features and major improvements. The iPad owners are about to find some fundamental changes that might make the operating sys …

Top Addictive Apps Kids Spend Too Much Time on

May 29, 2017
time wasting games icon

The chances are close to 100% that you are a parent of a kid who’s already got his/her own cell phone. Hence, you know well how much addicted most of the children are to their gadgets. Even more so, if their device is a modern smartphone with an instant Internet access and a few mobile games installed on i …

Why Seniors Should Get “Social” Online

May 24, 2017
networking for elderly

There is no doubt that advances in technology and the advent of social media have brought about numerous benefits. These developments have not only helped people to connect better but have also changed the way people interact with each other.Today, people in different parts of the world can share informa …

How Pumpic Can Help You Understand Your Introverted Child More

May 18, 2017
introverted child

Our world keeps rushing and changing constantly to become extremely social. Means and ways of communication change, too: handwritten letters and greeting cards are almost forgotten, while endless chats and countless posts on social networks became a part of our everyday life. Caring parents learn to bring up …

Netiquette: Teach Your Kids to Be Polite Online

May 12, 2017
online etiquette icon

Being polite is something that every child is taught by his or her parents from their early childhood. Simple rules, such as saying “please” and “thank you,” wishing a nice day, not being rude or calling names, not yelling, not interrupting the speaker and many others, once new for a kid, soon become …

Anonymous Text Messaging Can Be Dangerous for Teens

April 24, 2017
anonymous messaging apps icon

All parents know well how much modern teens are obsessed with the Internet and especially social networks. It is a fast and easy way to stay in touch with the friends, chat, share news, photos, and videos. However, we should remember that not all of the social media are safe and harmless. Sites that offer an …

How to Prevent Your Kids from Using Drugs

April 13, 2017
kids and drugs icon

Every parent realizes that sooner or later their child will get to know what drugs are, there's no way to avoid this problem. This information may come from any source: mass media, a movie, an advertisement or even a music video. Besides, kids at school often share with each other what they know about differ …