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Parenting and Child Development via Learning Apps. 10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online

February 22, 2016

The importance of early childhood education is vital these days. Most parents concern of child development and try to show their little ones many life essentials from the youngest age.

However, teaching kids is not as simple as it may seem. Since the development of a child largely depends on your personal example, intellectual flexibility, and ability to explain the way a kid will understand.

The time kids spend on mobile devices and the Internet is another serious concern for parents. Many children waste too much of it just staring at a smartphone or tablet. But every medal has its reverse and their passion for technologies may become in handy, when it comes to kids’ development. There are many mobile apps for preschoolers as well as children websites, whereby careful parents can educate their little ones. A good mobile learning app can engage your kid and teach him or her a lot while playing.

10 things your kids can learn online

Reading, mathematical skills, playing the guitar or even football – a wise parent can easily encourage a kid’s interest in one of these and many other directions with help of websites for child development and learning apps.

In the infographic 10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online, the Pumpic team has put together some essential skills for you to nurture in your children and an opportunity to find a convenient app for their education. The development of your children always depends on your individual approach to them. Meanwhile, another reliable child development website or application is a useful addition and help we are happy to share with you.

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