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Top Addictive Apps Kids Spend Too Much Time on

May 29, 2017
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The chances are close to 100% that you are a parent of a kid who’s already got his/her own cell phone. Hence, you know well how much addicted most of the children are to their gadgets. Even more so, if their device is a modern smartphone with an instant Internet access and a few mobile games installed on it, kids may spend many hours fully immersed into the digital reality.

According to a recent 2016 study by the Interactive Journal of Medical Research:

  • Children get their first smartphones at the age of 10.3;
  • Tweens – kids aged 8-12 – spend online in average 1.5 hours per day;
  • Over 95% of teens report of playing mobile games on their smartphones;
  • 63% of children from 2 to 17 years old prefer to play games on their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, rather than on PC or playing consoles.

No wonder that with a mobile phone being always at hand, kids of all ages spend more and more time playing mobile games – at least 6 hours weekly, according to statistics. Not to mention all the time that they use their smartphone to hang out on Facebook or Instagram, communicate via WhatsApp or Snapchat and watch videos on YouTube.

kid playing angry birds


The temptation to reach for the phone and spend another 15 minutes playing his favorite game is always there, whether a child is in his bedroom, hanging out with friends, being stuck in a queue, going somewhere in the city transport, or even during school lessons.

Too many parents will agree that unless disciplined and taught about the right limits, kids tend to substitute real life fun and pleasures with mobile reality and, as a result, sink into a game for hours. Unfortunately, such addiction may negatively affect the school results and grades, too.

Play Market and AppStore offer thousands of games fitting tastes of users of any age. Most of the games are available for free, while many can be downloaded for a certain fee. Besides, a lot of games offer in-game purchases to let the player reach the higher level or get other various benefits. Thus, aside from wasting time to play games, children can also waste their pocket money – or sometimes their parents’ money, too – to pay for the apps.

It would be unfair to say that 100% of mobile games are silly and bring nothing but harm for the kids. Such apps, as NeuroNation, for example, can be really helpful in training child’s (and a grown-up’s) memory and attention. On the other hand, probably every parent can come up with a long list of bad apps for kids, which are too distracting and should better be avoided or played as least as possible. Here are the most addictive game apps you should know about:

  • Talking Tom

talking tom screenshots


Talking Tom is one of the most addicting apps for kids. It is especially popular among the younger children aged 6-10.

Talking Tom, along with other games of this series, is a simulator Tamagotchi-like game where a kid should take care of a virtual pet.

  • Minecraft

This game is extremely popular all over the world, especially among children aged 8-15. A player has to get natural resources, build houses, fight monsters, etc. Minecraft is famous for its peculiar cube/blocks-like graphics.

The drawback of the game is that creating, for example, one building takes a lot of time. Many kids become addicted to the app and eagerly spend days trying to finish something that didn’t seem so hard to build back then when the idea came to their mind.

  • Angry Birds

Probably, everyone has heard of Angry Birds, and there’s no need to tell much about this app. A player should hit a stack of pigs with the birds shoot from a giant catapult. The task becomes more difficult with each level.

Despite its huge popularity, Angry Birds is one of the most time-wasting games. New spin-offs and by-products (Angry Birds. Shadow Fight; Angry Birds. Star Wars; Angry Birds. Rio, etc.) appear regularly and suck players in more and more.

  • Limbo

limbo image


Limbo is one of the top buzzed games right now. This horror game is different from other adventure games of the kind. Limbo is more dark, freaking and even disturbing. Kids get addicted to it because many like horror stories and experiencing fear. Parents should definitely talk to their children about playing this game. If your child is sensitive, best you can do is veto it.

  • Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy card game, based on the gameplay of Clash of Clans. It adds even more new characters and challenges to its well-known predecessor.

  • World of Tanks Blitz

world of tanks image


Blitz is a mobile-based version of one of the world’s most popular action games – World of Tanks. It is a multiplayer simulator game based on the tank battles of the WWII.

Fans of this game, both children and grown-ups, are ready to spend hours and days playing it.

  • Madden NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA and other team sport games

Children who like sports are just as much addicted to playing various games devoted to team standoffs. Games that simulate NFL, NBA, NHL or FIFA, can be played for hours. And what’s even more engaging, they can be played in large companies.

  • Need For Speed and other car racing mobile apps

Need For Speed and its likes are really popular car racing simulator mobile games. Children, who are keen on autos and racing competitions, often waste lots of time playing these apps.

  • Clash of Clans

clash-of-clans image


Clash of Clans is a top-popular strategy game. A player should build his fortress, gather an army and unite with other players to make a big “clan” to fight against other such clans. This game is dynamic and full of action, and teens waste hours playing it.

  • Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a colorful, fun arcade game with great graphics. Kids love playing it together with their friends.

  • Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is a fun arcade game that checks out player’s dexterity while various most popular songs and melodies are playing.

  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

This game is especially addictive and popular among the fans of Star Wars saga. They love going on new adventures together with their favorite characters.

As an attentive and caring parent, you should always be aware of the games your children are playing. A good thing you can do is to set certain limits for the time kid can spend on his mobile device. A parental monitoring app such as Pumpic will help you cope with these tasks.

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