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Are There Parental Controls on Android Phones?

December 30, 2015
android parental controls

Can you imagine yourself sitting beside your teen and watching him or her chatting with friends? It seems that the approach that could work with your child will not work in this case. Moreover, teenagers are notorious for spending ages browsing through the Internet and social media. Most likely that you have more important things to do rather than sitting for hours in front of the screen (even if your teen allows you to do that without temper tantrums).

Another thing to consider is the matter of trust and control between you and your kid. On one hand, children want to know that you trust them. On the other one, the Internet is not a place where children can be left without supervision, because alongside with useful things kids can find a lot of stuff that can harm or endanger them.

teen chatting with friends


Parental control software can do a close watch for you. So instead of standing and watching kid’s actions over the shoulder, entrust this task to an app. It will thoroughly collect all information for you. Just don’t forget to warn your children that you are going to monitor them, otherwise they can consider it as spying.

Android Phones Has No Reliable Presets for Parents

Any mobile platform has certain parental control features. However, Android phones are not as protected as other platform smartphones. Android OS parental controls are presented mostly in tablets, where it is possible to create additional secured profiles with filtering of content and blocking of unwanted applications, in-app and app purchases and websites.

logo-brThat is why when it comes to securing children’s activities on the Internet as well as any other activity with their handheld devices, it is advisable to find an Android parental monitoring app that fully meets your needs.

How to Select Reliable Parental Monitoring App?

All applications of parental control direction offer different layers of protection and all you have to do is distinguish your monitoring needs and select an app according to them.

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There are some specifications that signify that an app is workable and really helpful. Here they are:

markbr5Filtering and blocking capabilities. Almost any app can block certain sites; however, effective apps boost this feature to a new level. With their help it is possible to block categories of sites, create black or white lists of the sites, filter the content, bleep rude or harassing language. More than that, some apps can also manage applications on the target phones, blocking the installation of new apps without permission, social media sites and apps and blocking chats – IM messengers and public chatrooms.

markbr2Logging. No matter how scrutinous the monitoring abilities are, if parent has no possibility to look through the detailed reports. The app should log any activities and send notifications to parents immediately if something goes wrong. As a result, you will stay informed and be able to react within the shortest possible period of time.

markbrUser-friendly installation. If founded at the Android market a parental control app requires hacker skills and spying actions to install it, do not choose it. A good app is the one that is simple to install and use, like Pumpic.

markbrCompatibility. It is really easy to get bamboozled with several apps that monitor your son’s iPhone, daughter’s Android tablet and your family PC. The most appropriate application must work on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

markbrSupport of the app. When you install a parental control app in Android phone, there might be problems with compatibility with your already installed antivirus or antispyware apps. Customer support team of the app should be available through different means of communication.

Appropriate protection will give you and your children the best possible experience of using the Internet. So check all parental settings available on Android devices, install a securing app and let your child explore illimitable spaces online.

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