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Autism Tracking Devices

May 19, 2015
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According to the American Autism society, 49% of children with autism wander. The biggest problem is that even if they encounter an adult they won’t be able to communicate and explain who they are and where they are from, they simply go.

It is no secret that children with autism tend to wander away from homes, schools or any other safe environment. It is common sense to look for an advice, tip or even technology that can help you protect your child from going missing.

Tracking devices for children with autism became a must-have for parents who have autistic kids. They can be installed on any smartphone, come in different colors, shapes such as a bracelet or watch that makes it almost impossible to lose it.

Autism tracking devices were designed to detect your child real-time GPS location. It will detect whether your child has left a specific area like school, home or grandmother’s house. Whenever your child leaves a specific area, you will receive an alert and a message with his/her precise location. Below is the list of most popular autism safety products:

  • Pumpic. The mobile phone application allows you to detect your child’s GPS location, his/her route history and set alerts, if your child leaves preselected safe zones. Pumpic can be installed on any iPhone or Android and starts working right away.
  • Amber GPS Alert. This is a durable product that allows children to call their parents through touch of a button system.
  • Pocket Finder. The device is also GPS enabled. You can see your child on the map, wherever there is Wi-Fi connection.
  • Filip. This is also a good solution for the youngest kids. Filip comes in a shape of a bracelet, which makes it closer to impossible to lose this autism tracking device. You can call and send short text messages.
  • Trax. This is tiny a GPS locator that can be placed almost anywhere. You can attach it as a brooch or put it in your child’s bag.

All in all the main idea of autism tracking devices is to help you secure your autistic kids by detecting their current GPS location. It will save you a lot of time and nerves by creating special safe zones and Geo-fences. Whenever you child leaves them you will get alerting messages.

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