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Parent’s Guide to the Biggest Messenger Apps

October 3, 2017
top messeenger apps

Today’s teenagers can’t imagine their life without socializing, especially when it comes to chatting with their peers on the Internet. Play Market and AppStore offer a great variety of smart messaging apps that can meet anyone’s needs and preferences. Usually, children don’t stint themselves to just one such app but install several of them. Snapchat, Skype, Yik Yak, Ask.fm and Kik Messenger are some of the top chatting apps among the youngsters. 5 apps described below are considered to be the biggest and the most popular messaging apps. They all help children stay connected through the free instant messages and audio/video calls. However, all these apps may also hide certain risks.

teenage girl with gadgets

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Here’s what parents need to know about them:


Since its launch in 2010, WhatsApp became popular among over 1 billion users worldwide. Although being owned by Facebook, this messaging app stands aside from the Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. WhatsApp offers free messages, video and audio calls, as well as lets users share photos and videos. What kids should keep in mind is that the app can show off their location; for safety reasons, parents should disable this feature. Another risky WhatsApp’s feature is disappearing messages, which can potentially be used by online fraudsters and predators to connect with a kid.

If your child is a WhatsApp user, you’d better keep an eye on their activity. A trusted parental monitoring app can help you with this.

2.Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an app created alongside Facebook network itself, with 1 billion of monthly active users. It is considered to be one of the best instant messenger apps. Kids may like Messenger for some unique details such as pop-up chat icons, cool stickers, possibility to “react” to each message, instant games, easy sharing of media files, etc.


With over 800 million of registered users, Viber is another chatting app widely used around the world. It is popular for sending messages and making calls; it also offers group messaging and sharing contacts. What kids should know is that Viber can show their current location and phone number to any other user, so they should be wary about chatting with strangers on it.


Line is an app that originated from Japan in 2011, and it is gaining world wide popularity since then. Line offers various unique features that many teens are eager to try out. As many as 220 million users are giving their preference to Line monthly.


WeChat is an app, created in China in 2011 and counting as many as 1.1 billion of registered users up to date. Although being prevalent in Asian countries, WeChat lands on digital devices of users from other parts of the world too thanks to its simplicity and smart features.

For more exciting details, facts, and figures about these remarkable products check out the infographic below:

Messenger apps infographic

Petra Lipfer
Petra Lipfer is a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about everything concerting writing and the Internet. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She has a degree in Management and has taken several IT courses. Petra is a certified specialist in child online security. She enjoys blogging on everything concerning children, their security and parenthood in general. You can contact

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