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5 Shocking and Inspirational Books about Bullying

June 22, 2016
Books about bullying

Literature has many beautiful sides. It teaches people new different things; it tells happy and sad stories; it entertains readers and makes them forget about their worries. Books can often offer answers to different life questions. People can get inspired to change their lives, to break up with people they don’t love, to travel around the world or to simply join a gym. The best impact you receive from the stories you can relate to. When you went or are going through similar experiences, feelings or hardships as main characters, you get even deeper into the story worrying about them. If you feel bad and read about a person with the same problems, you may feel better and less alone.

This exact thing happens with kids reading about bullying. If they experience it, they can relate to the story and see that people go through it and do fine. Such books are great to read for both bullies and those being bullied. Kids who get bullied a lot can feel that they are not alone, see some ideas on how to get through it and to possibly understand why bullies do so. Bullies, on the other hand, may see the situation from another angle and realize that they do something wrong. Here are 5 popular books to read about bullying.

The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the flies cover


This classic is in the school program for a reason. If you and your kids somehow haven’t read it, you definitely should. It is a story of a group of young boys who have to survive on a deserted island. It started quite peacefully, but then kids realize that there are no parents and they are in charge. So, some of them try to play leaders and bully the other ones. They hunt and start hierarchy. The book is intentionally cruel; the author shows the brutality of human nature and what consequences it may cause.

Kids can see here what bullies may lead to and why it should be stopped at the very beginning.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A walk to remember book


This book is not entirely about bullying, but it plays a huge part here. It is a story of a religious and very dedicated girl who manages to stand out against envious popular girls who try to mock her and break her faith. It is a book about how a person with a strong will can find happiness and ignore every obstacle on their way. I won’t spoil the twist for those who haven’t read it or seen the movie, but if you actually haven’t, you should. It teaches us that bullies, in fact, are people with self-esteem problems who, in this case, just envy the person they bully. Of course, the situations are different, but this one is definitely worth getting to know.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

13 reasons why book


This bestseller is definitely about bullying. At the beginning of the book, we find out that Hannah, a schoolgirl, committed a suicide a couple of weeks ago. Before that, she recorded cassette tapes giving the reasons for doing it and sent it to her classmate Clay. The book shows what bullying can lead to. Everyone who has been bullied can relate to it. I wish all bullies in the world could read this book and see what is there on the other side. This story is for sure against disparagement, insulting people and ignoring them. It definitely has to be in every school program.

Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie book


Sure, Stephen King writes horror stories. However, the biggest part of the book “Carrie” is quite real. It is a story of a girl brutally bullied by other school kids. Her mother is a religious fanatic who is in a way bullies her daughter, too, and the teachers are indifferent to the problem. This part of the story is incredibly realistic and describes a situation that happens almost in every school. This book is useful for every teenager to read. Bullies may recognize themselves in characters and think of how cruel it is to mock someone. Those, who are bullied, may feel that they are not alone and that there is inner strength in everyone to go through such harsh moments.

The Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Clockwork orange book


This British novel tends to horrify people. It is so cruel that some people just do not finish it. However, it describes bullying in all its horror. It is about teenagers enjoying violence and doing it for fun every time they can. I bet even experienced bullies will feel uncomfortable reading it. Some say that the message of this book the following: to stop being a bully and to stop being violent people need to grow up emotionally, become mature in their goals and desires, learn to think critically and understand that other people are around for you not to bully and break, but to appreciate and coexist.

Reading is always a positive thing. Reading something that teaches you humanity and compassion is even better. Read good books that will help you deal with your life situations or will open your eyes and show you your own flaws. And teach your kids to read those books, too.

Do you have any other examples of books about bullying? Share them in comments!

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