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Tinder for Kids: What Parents Must Know about the Yellow App

December 19, 2017

Smartphones and the World Web became an integral part of the modern teenagers’ life. The statistics speak well for it: 24% of teens admit they go online almost constantly (according to the Pew Research study). Downloading new apps and spending time on those they’ve already installed is one of the most po …

Parent’s Guide to the Biggest Messenger Apps

October 3, 2017
top messeenger apps

Today’s teenagers can’t imagine their life without socializing, especially when it comes to chatting with their peers on the Internet. Play Market and AppStore offer a great variety of smart messaging apps that can meet anyone’s needs and preferences. Usually, children don’t stint themselves to just …

MeetMe App: Is It Dangerous to Your Kids?

October 11, 2016
Dangers of meetme

Many parents know how much their kids can be obsessed with popular social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. However, there are many other social services that parents may be less aware of. One of those is MeetMe app that gains greater popularity among the younger generation nowadays. …

Pokémon Go: What Do Parents Need to Know?

July 15, 2016
Pokémon go app

Some people may feel déjà vu now, hearing the word “Pokémon” everywhere. No, it is not a video game or a cartoon from the 90s; it is a new app that makes the whole world talk about it. Surprisingly, the number of Google searches for this word is bigger than the always-popular porn searches by 33%. Peo …

Apps Parents Need to Know About: What Is ooVoo App?

June 24, 2016
ooVoo application

From a multitude of messaging applications, there is the one that has become immensely popular among children. It is called ooVoo. First launched in 2014, the ooVoo app shortly became a favorite chat platform for kids to be on. Well, some adults don’t even know about it, and many parents still ask what is … Social Chat You Should Know About To Protect Your Kids

February 26, 2016
askfm can be dangerous

Being a parent of a teenager, you just have to keep up with the latest trends in technology, music, games, and fashion, if you want to fill in that naturally occurring generation gap. While you assume you have all those bases covered, there is one more thing to be aware of — social networks. You have pr …

AfterSchool App – Another Online Risk Parents Should Consider

January 25, 2016
afterschool application

What can be more natural for a modern kid than being a social media savvy? In a digital world, where 73% of teens have access to a smartphone, it is no surprise that your kid might be actively communicating on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, which have become incr …

Parental Guide to Sneaky Camera Apps

December 29, 2015
sneaky apps

The fact that a word ‘selfie’ is now included in the diaries shows how pictures are important for modern generations. Even adults agree that taking pictures and sharing them with friends helps feeling close and connected, as well as helps remembering the most precious moments. But unfortunately, there ar …

Helpful Apps for Parents to Handle Daily Routine

October 30, 2015
apps for daily routine icon

Being a parent is probably the toughest job ever. Though one of the most pleasurable as well. Parents have neither vocations nor sick leaves. They can’t take a day off or quit. Parenting means being ready for anything on Earth 24/7. To make parents’ lives a little easier, we have put together a list o …

Snapchat Like Apps – What Parents Should Know

October 29, 2015
snapchat like apps icon

Due to messages disappearing in a split second, Snapchat has become one of the most popular applications among teenagers. The very same feature allowing snaps vanish made Snapchat dangerous for kids. Cyberbullies and online predators found it easy to creep into kids’ favor and victimize them via Snapcha …

Blocking These Websites Will Make Your Kids’ Online Life Safer

October 2, 2015
websites to block icon

Modern parents have many things to take care of to make their kids safe. One of these things involve making sure your kids don’t stumble upon some inappropriate content online. The danger of that is just too high to let the whole thing be unsupervised. Any kind of content is open to everyone on the Interne …

Useful Educational iOS Apps for Your Children

August 25, 2015
educational ios apps icon

A great variety of mobile games and other addicting applications make it hard to pull kids away from their smartphones and tablets. However, software development went much further than social and time wasting apps having introduced many educational solutions whereby children can entertain and learn simultane …

Omegle App Encourages Talking to Strangers

August 19, 2015
omegle dangers icon

When would parents consider their kids talking to a stranger good? Perhaps, if this stranger happens to be a female, over 40 years old librarian. In most cases, engaging in a conversation with an unknown man or a woman is reasonably associated with danger. Thanks to the Internet, chances for your child to me …

Kik for Kids?

August 5, 2015
kik and kids icon

Founded back in 2008, Kik has become very popular quite soon. This free instant messaging application allows its users to send and receive texts, share photos, video files, webpages, and other similar content. At the same time, the moto “Kik for Kids” makes it even more popular among children. Some of th …

Autism Tracking Devices

May 19, 2015
autism tracking devices icon

According to the American Autism society, 49% of children with autism wander. The biggest problem is that even if they encounter an adult they won’t be able to communicate and explain who they are and where they are from, they simply go. It is no secret that children with autism tend to wander away from …

Periscope App – a New Parents’ Nightmare

April 17, 2015
periscope app icon

Recently launched live streaming application Periscope turned out to be a potential source of sexual harassment and cyberbullying. A so-called “the closest thing to teleportation” technology brought up many issues concerning users’ privacy and safety. App developers ring the alarm bells for parents …

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