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Phone Management vs. Pills: Better Sleep for Teens

February 21, 2020
Is your teen having trouble in school because they’re losing sleep?

Teenagers are at an interesting time in their physical development when it comes to sleep. Sleep hormones are produced later in the evening and last longer into the morning, which is why your teen seems determined to stay up late and sleep in. In some areas, schools have responded to this information by movi …

Teen Tech Use Can Damage Reading, Literacy Skills

February 19, 2020

Parents who are concerned about their teens’ tech and smartphone use have learned to go out of their way to make sure that their kids aren’t spending so much time on their screens that they neglect other important things. You may require your children to put their phones away at the dinner table so that …

Adolescent Crime: Is Your Kid at Risk?

December 11, 2017

Every parent knows that children in their formative age are capable of breaking the rules and going beyond the limits set by society and even law. Often, it is enough to turn on a TV or open a laptop to hear about glaring new cases of juvenile delinquency. It may seem that today’s younger generation is mor …

Bullying in Family and How to Prevent It

November 8, 2017
crying girl

For most parents, the word “bullying” is usually associated with a kid being intimidated by their peers or classmates, including some mocking, pushing, and name-calling which first comes to mind. Sadly, bullying in its various forms is something that goes far beyond classrooms, school passages or playgro …

How Pumpic Can Help You Understand Your Introverted Child More

May 18, 2017
introverted child

Our world keeps rushing and changing constantly to become extremely social. Means and ways of communication change, too: handwritten letters and greeting cards are almost forgotten, while endless chats and countless posts on social networks became a part of our everyday life. Caring parents learn to bring up …

How to Prevent Your Kids from Using Drugs

April 13, 2017
kids and drugs icon

Every parent realizes that sooner or later their child will get to know what drugs are, there's no way to avoid this problem. This information may come from any source: mass media, a movie, an advertisement or even a music video. Besides, kids at school often share with each other what they know about differ …

Teen Stress: What Are the Consequences and How You Can Help

April 7, 2017
teen stress management icon

Going through the everyday routine and hustle of modern high-speed life, adults experience stress regularly. It’s not easy to keep the balance in family life, raise kids, work, housekeep, do sports, leisure and many other things at the same time. However, the life of modern children, and in particular - te …

What You Should Do If Your Kid Runs Away

March 14, 2017
kids run away

Probably, one of the worst and the scariest things that any parent can imagine is to find out that their child has gone missing. In a critical situation, when kids run away from home, their parents experience very strong emotions – from anguish to fear and anger. However, it’s crucial to try to get feeli …

Selfie-Mania: How It Can Harm Your Kids

March 7, 2017
selfie mania icon

Unless you’ve been living in the thicket of a forest for the past few years, the term “selfie” is not something unheard of for you. Special apps, tools, and even tutorials for taking selfie photos, as well as over 250 million pictures with the tag #selfie posted on Instagram only up to date, prove that …

Mobile Monitoring Does Not Ruin Trust between Parents and Kids

February 14, 2017
parental trust icon

In our modern technology-imbued world, online activity and Internet usage account for a considerable part of people’s life. In particular, nowadays kids are so caught up in online life that it is hard to imagine them without a device in hand. Not only is the Internet used for educational, business, and …

Common Teenage Problems and How to Deal with Them

January 24, 2017
teen problems

Parenting a teenager is not easy. It is a responsible and hard work, requiring a good deal of patience and understanding. Going through different teenage phases is accompanied by the significant physical and spiritual changes. Adolescence is no exception. It is the time of rebellion. Youngsters search for …

5 Best Peer Pressure Solutions for Your Teen

January 11, 2017
peer preassure solutions

When it comes to teens and peer pressure, education science has lots of recommendations on how to tackle the problem. And rightly so. It’s a common thing when a teen gets forced to do something that they actually don’t want to do. More often than not, this applies to bad habits. According to the statisti …

How to Develop Emotional Agility in Your Kids

December 26, 2016
emotional agility

Children are very sensitive to the slightest changes happening in the world around them. They are absolutely sincere in their emotions. When they lack parental attention, they cry. When they are immersed into the game, they laugh so hard that their laughter could break the ice. Are kids capable of controllin …

How Does Music Affect Teenagers?

November 15, 2016
teen music

Music is an inseparable part of our life. With all the variety of its forms, it influences people of any age and social groups, in all times. Probably, the most powerful effect music has over teenagers, their emotions, the perception of the world, themselves and their peers. Every parent knows that music inf …

Teen Sexting and Why It Is Dangerous

November 7, 2016
Teen Sexting laws

Modern children can spend hours on their mobile devices surfing the Internet, playing games and especially chatting with their peers online. However, not all of those conversations appear to be completely safe and innocent. Sexting is not uncommon among teenagers nowadays. Every parent should know what conse …

New Teenage Relationship Statistics Show How It Happens Online

October 20, 2016
Teenage relationships

We live in the digital age. No wonder that more and more teenagers search for their love on the Internet. They use social media like Facebook as well as dating apps like Tinder or MeetMe. Shy teens do not have the courage to strike up a conversation at school or meet someone on the street. So they feel much …

What to Do if Your Kid is a Bully?

October 18, 2016
Your child can be a bully

What is a bully? A bully is a person who tries to hurt others emotionally or physically on purpose and often on a regular basis. Every child knows the stories about the school bullies insulting, threatening, spreading rumors or even hitting other children, and some have experienced it. 22% of children report …

How to Know if Your Teen Is a Narcissist

September 19, 2016
narcissistic children

Have you ever noticed your teen being egocentric, inattentive towards others and selfish? These features are more or less characteristic to the majority of adolescents. However, they may also signify that your teen is a narcissist. What is narcissism? Narcissism itself is a personality trait of an inflated …

Depression Symptoms in Teens You May Not Notice at First

September 13, 2016
Depression in teens

Life of a teenager is not that easy. Along with the joy of friendship, fun and new bright experiences there come stress, anxiety, doubts, lack of self-confidence and first disappointments. Every parent of an adolescent may notice his/her child being moody, irritable or gloomy from time to time. However, what …

Quiz for Parents: Are Your Kids Smartphone Addicted?

September 2, 2016
pumpic parenting quiz

The use of mobile devices by kids is a recognized issue of today. According to Pew Research Center smartphone usage statistics, almost 90% of teens own or have an access to a smartphone. Another survey by Rawhide reveals that kids spend on average 6,3 hours a day on phones and tablets. The Internet, messagin …

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