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Essential Summer Safety Tips for Teens You Cannot Ignore

July 26, 2016
summer safety advice

Without exaggeration, summer is the most favorite season for all teenagers. It is a blissful time to take rest from studies, have a sleep out, and recharge the batteries before the upcoming school year. However, summertime is fraught with many risks, especially for teens. Like voracious sharks in the depths …

How These Strategies For Dealing With Bullies Will Help Your Kids At School

July 25, 2016
strategies against bullies

Any child knows cases of his/her peers being bullied at school, and some have experienced bullying personally. It always feels extremely stressful, devastating and humiliating. Knowing how to behave if being bullied by another child or teen and how to withstand a school bully is crucial for any child. Parent …

The Complete Parents’ Guide to Psychology of Bullying

July 20, 2016
bullying psychology

Teenage bullying has become a widespread issue in recent years. According to the statistics, one out of four teenagers is bullied at school. So what is bullying? It is an aggressive behavior purposefully directed towards another person and aimed to deteriorate their wellbeing. Teens begin to intimidate their …

Weird but True: 7 Fun Facts about Teens

July 11, 2016
facts about teenagers

Do you remember those golden years when you were a teenager? Probably, you do. This stage of life is hard to forget. Now you are a parent and have children you need to look after. And what happens? You can't help but notice that teens behave in a different way today and have some strange hobbies. And, to be …

Best Ways to Fight Teen Cell Phone Addiction

July 5, 2016
teen mobile addiction

The Whole World Online – The problem of teen cell phone addiction nowadays Every day of our modern lives brings change, as well as technical progress. Some 20 years ago the majority of people wouldn’t understand the term “internet addiction.” Today it is a part of our reality. With the development o …

What Parents Need To Know About Schizophrenia In Teenagers

June 29, 2016
schizophrenia in teens

Many parents hope that a disease like schizophrenia will never happen to their beloved kid. Unfortunately, the statistics show that approximately 51 million people in the world have this dreadful ailment. In most cases, a person is about 15-30 years old when the first symptoms start to appear. Schizophrenia …

What Bullying Effects Can Haunt Your Kids Even When They Grow Up

June 23, 2016
negative effects of bullying

It is interesting to know that many psychological problems that we, grownups, face actually trace back to our childhood, when we were developing our social skills, making friends, going through physiological and emotional changes, etc. Quite a big number of these problems are, in fact, connected to bullying. …

5 Shocking and Inspirational Books about Bullying

June 22, 2016
Books about bullying

Literature has many beautiful sides. It teaches people new different things; it tells happy and sad stories; it entertains readers and makes them forget about their worries. Books can often offer answers to different life questions. People can get inspired to change their lives, to break up with people they …

Danger Alert! Most Common Troubles Teenagers Face

June 13, 2016
teenage troubles

Being a teenager is a big deal. This age is full of different surprises: you expand your knowledge, you learn something new every single day, you are full of expectations and emotions, and you try to find your place in the world. Young people start to love, live and communicate. However, on the other side, t …

What Do Kids Think about Their Parents Spying on Their Phones?

May 23, 2016
parents spying on kids

So, here is your teen kid sitting in front of you and you think he or she is safe. This scenario was true like a decade ago when all your kid’s attention was not drawn to the Internet-connected mobile device. According to McAfee ‘Teens and the Screen’ study, while 90 percent of teens say their pare …

How Gender Stereotyping Leads to Bullying

May 17, 2016
gender stereotypes

What is gender stereotyping? How can it affect young people? Gender stereotypes are defined as biased and generally established judgments about some traits of people due to their gender. For instance, girls need to wear pink, love to sing and dance, play with dolls, and enjoy cooking. From a young age, boys …

The Teen Brain: What and Why You Should Know about Teenager Decision-Making

May 11, 2016
young brain

Our brain evolves throughout life but the dramatic differences occur in adolescence. The brain is not fully developed till the 20s, that’s why teens are at a greater danger of making decisions they can regret later. Have you ever wondered why teenagers behave in a spontaneous, troubling and senseless wa …

Brain Development: Helping Your Kids’ Mental Progress

April 22, 2016
brain development

Many people wonder about the age when the brain is fully developed. In fact, this topic is extensively discussed today. Scientists used to believe that the brain develops until the age of 20. However, today experts admit that the brain continues to mature till the 30s. This fact means that young people canno …

Cyberbullying Facts: Why Do Girls Get the Most of It?

April 15, 2016
bullying girls

A bullying issue has always been a problem for many kids starting from primary school and finishing with high school. But with increased usage of the Internet over the years, more and more kids are falling the victims for cyberbullying. About 81% of kids believe cyberbullying is much easier and 'safer' to …

Children & Smartphones: What’s the Right Age?

February 23, 2016
kids and phones

Today's kids use smartphones on a regular basis. Digital devices are becoming an essential part of life for every child. According to the Pew Research Center, an average kid gets his or her first smartphone at the age of 11. Children ages 2–10 use their parents\' smartphones for playing games and getting a …

Multitasking Damages Kids’ Brains and Productivity

November 4, 2015
multitasking and teens icon

Everyone knows there are some issues about multitasking. However, as studies of Stanford University show, multitasking is not only problematic, it can also reasonably reduce your performance and damage your brain. The issue becomes even more crucial, when it comes to children. The point is that many of th …

It Took Kids’ Lives Away. Cyberbullying Stories That Really Happened

September 30, 2015
cyberbullying stories icon

Bullying among children and teenagers has always existed and, sadly, is likely to remain a part of growing up in the future. However, as technologies develop and “cyberneticize” our social life, bullies get more possibilities to keep their victims under pressure 24 hours a day 7 days a week, leaving no p …

Spanking: Necessary Disciplinary Measure or Emotional Trauma

August 24, 2015
spanking icon

Did you know that about 74% of parents use spanking in their disciplinary practice? However, does it really work and help raise a child to obey parents and become a good person in future? How to define spanking? How hard should it be? How many times? And for what reasons? All these questions remain unanswere …

Kids and Social Media: Pros and Cons

May 12, 2015
kids and social media icon

Millions of parents all over the world are horrified by hundreds of stories about cyberbullying, sexting, or harassment of kids online. As a result, they forbid their children to use social media – just because some of them misuse it. However, social media is not just a seminary of vice. In one’s capable …

Tech Talk before the Sex Talk

May 11, 2015
tech talk icon

Only lion-hearted parents do not fear a notorious sex talk, yet every teen is expected to hear one from his or her parents. However, can you imagine a sex talk with an 8-year-old child? Jenn Cannon, an author of Sophie Takes a #Selfie, claims there is a talk that every parent must have with a child long b …

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