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Is It Necessary to Check Your Kids’ Private Instagram Accounts?

June 21, 2016
Instagram security

In the era of intensive Internet communication, there is a significant number of social networks allowing not only to get in touch with each other but also to share photos and videos, post comments, ads, news, make appointments or exchange files. Among multiple social media platforms, Instagram is one of the …

What Risks Can Be Prevented by Locating Your Kid’s Cell Phone?

May 13, 2016
phone locating

So, your phone is missing, and you are typing 'how to locate my cell phone' in a search engine. Depending on your phone, you can actually call it or see its location on the map. But what if it’s not your phone, but your kid’s phone. You are trying to reach your daughter or son, and there is no answer. Yo …

It’s Our Time to Help: Protecting Your Elderly Parents With Modern Technologies

April 20, 2016
elderly parents

Elderly parents express different complaints about modern technology, depending on their age. Some still cannot believe their phone has no wire and some just get irritated with annoying pop-up ads or unexpected messages from strangers on the cell phone screen. And there are also those whom you have registere …

Online Security: Why Would You Need Hidden Android Tracking App?

April 12, 2016
android tracking app

Ask any parent of an underage child whether or not he has major concerns about kid’s online security, and you will get a ‘Yes’ answer 9 times out of 10. This fact is self-explanatory for every adult who used the Internet at least once. Yet, if you ask those concerned parents whether they are using any …

Child Protection on Android: How to Make Mobile Device Safe for Your Kid?

April 8, 2016
child protection on Android

Safe Internet surfing for everyone is a complicated thing today. When we talk about the Internet, we usually describe is as a global ‘spider web’. Well, ‘world wide web’ name is there for a reason. But there is another, less poetic description – the Internet is a huge flea market where you can find …

St. Valentine’s Pushes Kids to Using Dating Apps. Pumpic Offers Solution

February 12, 2016

February 14th has always caused couples to feel the heart, make something special for each other, and share warmth. However, with the integration of technologies deeper in our lives, even St. Valentine’s starts losing its romance. Modern young people do not write poems when fall in love. Relationships s …

Parental Control for iPhones and Androids: Pros and Cons

February 1, 2016
iphones vs androids

Even kids of the strictest parents can be naughty from time to time. Add here the peer pressure, restless teen age, and impunity (at least partial one) given by modern technologies that might offer anonymity, and you will get a burning mixture that might blow up hard, if you don’t keep it under a wise and …

Should Parents Use Kids’ Real Names As Google ID On Android Devices?

January 27, 2016
android google id

It seems like only yesterday first mobile phones were introduced to the public. But here we have, the year 2016, and most of our lives and everyday activities somehow involve smartphones and other mobile devices. No one can say that such connection with the web is a bad thing – technologies have made our l …

Necessity of Parental Restrictions on Android

December 31, 2015
android parental restrictions

In case you are a parent of a teenager, one of the first things you should do is ensure your computer is protected with parental controls. In such case you will know what your kid is searching and watching online. But what about Android parental monitoring? Today a great amount of teens are using mobile devi …

Are There Parental Controls on Android Phones?

December 30, 2015
android parental controls

Can you imagine yourself sitting beside your teen and watching him or her chatting with friends? It seems that the approach that could work with your child will not work in this case. Moreover, teenagers are notorious for spending ages browsing through the Internet and social media. Most likely that you have …

Cyber Safety Tips

October 28, 2015
tips for cyber safety icon

In modern era, when every child has an online connected device and can access the Internet right in the middle of a country filed, the importance of cyber safety is crucial as never before. What is cyber safety, you may wonder. From parental control perspective, it can be explained as a set of rules to fo …

National Bullying Prevention Month

October 21, 2015
unite against bullying icon

Bullying in the USA is a crucial issue that hurts mainly kids (students and teens). Back in 2006, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center founded a campaign called National Bullying Prevention Month taking place in October. The mission is to educate society and raise awareness about bullying and its prev …

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Children

October 13, 2015
haloween safety icon

Halloween is right about to come, which means your kids can’t sit still already awaiting for candies, parties, trick-or-treating. As a careful parent, you should realize how many potential risks such communication events usually have and avert dangers in advance. Especially considering that on Halloween …

Can I Monitor My Kids iPod Touch?

September 28, 2015
monitor ipod touch icon

The iPod Touch is a top-pick pocket media player among kids these days. The device looks and works similarly to the known and most-desired Apple phone and is often called an iPhone-without-the-phone. It is a great mobile device with many capabilities and online services provided. Talking about child prote …

Smartphones and Tablets Hit Back to School List

September 1, 2015
back to school icon

The summer is over and it’s time for kids to get back to school. And it’s the right time for parents to think about child protection and online security. Thus, you will prevent you loved ones from many perils in advance. The number one source of danger children may come across in 2015 is closely conne …

Australian Government Leads the Way against Cyberbullying

August 21, 2015
australia against cyberbullying icon

Online bullying is a known danger children face worldwide these days. Meanwhile the rest of the globe counts statistic data horrifying of the results, the government of Australia takes action fighting against the issue by removing humiliating posts from social networks on their own. From now on, the Offic …

Child Online Protection Measures across the States of America

August 12, 2015
online safety in us icon

Nowadays it is impossible for a child to get good education, move ahead in life and connect with the broader world without the Internet. It lets kids succeed in different spheres bypassing obstacles caused by social status, physical possibilities, temperament, age etc. Therefore, it is of utmost importanc …

Daily Dangers and Safety Tips for Parents and Little Kids

August 11, 2015
daily dangers icon

Taking care of children and protecting them from danger both at home and outdoors are top priorities of responsible parents. Pumpic cares for kids as well and does its best to help parents secure child safety. Below you will find a list of daily perils children tend to face. In addition, we will provide y …

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