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Teach Your Kids Some Smartphone Etiquette

February 24, 2017
smartphone etiquette

Today, it doesn’t matter what you are or where you are; technology has penetrated into every bit of our lives. Various gizmos, multi-functional gadgets, and ground-breaking technologies consume more of our time than anything or anybody else. However, there is definitely one outstanding device nearly every person possesses – a smartphone.

Modern cell phones tend to serve us not only for calls or texts, but to plan, manage, improve, and entertain our lives. Not only do adults find phones extremely helpful for doing business, keeping in touch or learning new, but kids now are fully engrossed in their hands for multiple technological features.

Often, our young ones get carried away by their smartphone to the excessive extent that affects other people and ruins the sociability. Thus, like establishing limits for game playing, hanging out or TV-watching, it is crucial for parents to set some cell phone rules for kids.

Our kids are so obsessed with their devices that it is hard to imagine them without holding one. No matter where they are: school, family meeting, playground or just an event for something, phone usage accompanies them all the time. Therefore, in order for them to have some boundaries, it’s become essential to teach children smartphone etiquette. A simple list of ideas and explanations about how to use phone devices wisely will help kids to admit the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.

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Children should understand how their constant cell phone usage affects the society around and builds an impression about them in public. Having no boundaries in playing around with the phone even for good reasonable purposes may not only be disrespectful to others but also a reason for ruined relationships with beloved ones.

The core concept of the phone as a gear for talking has been shifted by games, social medias, texting, Internet surfing, or shooting pictures and videos. Children of all ages turn to the phone at earliest possible convenience, well, even if the situation is not appropriate for smartphone geeking.

Teaching cell phone etiquette to children is arguably as important nowadays as teaching how to eat, walk, and behave altogether. The issue of phone addiction is particularly conspicuous among teenagers. With a modern smartphone, they have access to all the beauties and risks of the Internet. There is nothing as fun as an instant check-up on social media updates, quick response to messages or snapping a picture to share and discuss with others on Instagram, Facebook or a blog-like platform.

But is it nice to do all this stuff regardless of what’s going on around? The answer is definitely “No.” Thus, our children need to be taught how to be a considerate individual in this booming Internet and technology era.

Teenagers and kids of other ages pull out a smartphone whenever they feel a need – always. Family times, communication with others, and a regular time management are all spoilt by cell phone abuse. When a phone goes off with an alert about new text message or update in social media, a kid forgets about everything around. He reaches out for the device to look and often sinks into this shiny online world.

Having done so, a smartphone user shows how disrespectful to others he or she can be. Sitting at the family table with a phone is an absolute lack of the cell phone etiquette at dinner. Being easily distracted by the device in any place is a clear indicator of being nonchalant, disrespectful, and neglectful.

phone rules for kids


Also, children should remember that loud funny melody, flashing screen, funky vibro sounds are only good when appropriate. It is important for kids to understand the importance of decent tech behavior and see the difference in using phones depending on a place, environment or situation.

Besides using a smartphone when interacting with others in person, kids also tend to be glued to the device whenever there is a free minute or simply to kill time. It is okay though if the phone is used to find some stuff out on the Internet for school or just to relax and watch a video. But a constant dedication to a device as a mean of chatting with friends, watching pictures, videos or playing games may seriously impact individual and social skills of children.

A new online reality may be wrongly perceived and preferred to a real world with real people and relationships. Therefore, cell phone etiquette for teenagers is as vital as food, air or, let’s say, education. Without these, they won’t become strong and successful. And now, when technology is inseparable from our lives, a proper smartphone usage is a key to becoming a decent, capable and respectful individual.

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