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Daily Dangers and Safety Tips for Parents and Little Kids

August 11, 2015
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Taking care of children and protecting them from danger both at home and outdoors are top priorities of responsible parents. Pumpic cares for kids as well and does its best to help parents secure child safety.

Below you will find a list of daily perils children tend to face. In addition, we will provide you with essential tips on how to avoid these dangers and prevent you little ones from coming across them in future.

  • Overheating. Children are very vulnerable to heat. Thus, you should keep them cool and well hydrated, especially in summer. Never leave your kids in a sunny spot for too long. And try to avoid open sunlight during the noon and 4 p.m.
  • Sunburn. To prevent your kids from burning in the sun never leave them in an open space under direct sunlight. Follow the aforementioned overheating guidelines. Apply sunscreen, when taking your child outside in the sunshine. While on the beach, provide shade for your kids by using umbrellas, tents, long-sleeve and loose clothing, as well as wide-brimmed hats.
  • Water safety is a critical issue, as children become victims of drowning too often. Explain your kids the danger of swimming unattended. Never leave them alone in water even for a moment. Prevent children from swimming in rivers, where the current is usually very strong. If you have a pool, keep it fenced. Ask your neighbors to do so, if they also have got one.
  • Play with fire. Never let your kids play with fire or use it unattended. If you still don’t have any, set smoke detectors and be sure to check them systematically. Remember that to light a match and set the house on fire are just one step apart.
  • Social life. Being a parent, you should know who your children’s friends are and never let them hang out with a bad company. As a saying goes, a man is known by the company he keeps. So try to teach your kids a way they won’t mess with a wrong crowd. Try to remain somewhere in the middle of your children’s relationships with friends: know them by names, where they leave, how to contact them, who their parents are.
  • Drugs and candies. Keep your medicine in a safe place, where your children will not be able to reach it. There are numerous situations, when kids mix drugs and candies, and get to the hospital with poisoning. Never let them self-medicate. Explain children the importance of appropriate medicine usage.
  • Home appliance. Be very careful, when allowing your kids to use electrical appliance. Set covers on all sockets. Make sure that your children know safety instructions on using an iron, a hairdryer, a stove, and other devices with high power consumption.
  • Smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Apply parental controls and never let your children use computer devices excessively. Set family rules on when and for how long they are allowed to use their mobile gadgets and personal computers. Remember, that excessive gaming leads to addiction; meanwhile computer overuse may bring about standoffishness.
  • Internet access. Control the time your kids spent online as well as what they do there, which websites they visit, and which people they communicate with on social media. Since nowadays kids prefer to enter the web via smartphones and tablets, a reliable mobile monitoring app will be of help here. Thus, you will be able to view browsing history, block inappropriate websites, limit app usage, and prevent your little one from coming across online predators, cyberbullies, and scammers.
Rachel Fowlers
Rachel Flowers is a journalist with a big passion for technologies. She has recently graduated from San Francisco State University and sees herself as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about computer and mobile technologies as well as different software. In her free time, she learns coding and foreign languages. Contact .

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