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Read Deleted Text Messages with Pumpic Jailbreak-free Solution

July 6, 2016
deleted texts

Pumpic team keeps working hard to provide the best customer experience by regularly adding functionality highly requested by our clients. Today we are excited to introduce you to our newest feature – Deleted SMS monitoring for jailbreak-free iCloud Monitoring Solution for iOS 9.3.2!

Now you can see deleted texts on the target device and thus, you’re enabled to detect sexting and identify signs of cyberbullying or other inappropriate activity at the origins and take immediate necessary action to protect your kids.


read deleted sms*Please, note that it is not possible to monitor messages that were deleted before the data was sent to iCloud backup with iCloud monitoring solution. However, this option is implemented in Jailbreak solution that is available for iOS 9.1.

The new monitoring feature is now available for all current Premium package subscribers through web-based Control Panel or brand new Control Panel app for iOS. There you can read deleted SMS messages (previously backed up to iCloud). Simply go to the SMS category in your Control Panel and look for ‘Deleted’ in the ‘Status’ column.

We at Pumpic are committed to constantly improving our application to make it more advanced, comprehensive, and reliable so that you could secure your loved ones.

Learn more about jailbreak-free iCloud Solution options and benefits now!

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