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Weird but True: 7 Fun Facts about Teens

July 11, 2016
facts about teenagers

Do you remember those golden years when you were a teenager? Probably, you do. This stage of life is hard to forget. Now you are a parent and have children you need to look after. And what happens? You can’t help but notice that teens behave in a different way today and have some strange hobbies. And, to be honest, they do funny things, too. Below, we will look at 7 fun facts about teens that will bring a smile to your face.

Teens tend to say they are older than they actually are

It is a well-known fact that teenagers want to become adults as fast as possible. They wish to gain independence and be able to make decisions by themselves. But try to put yourself in your child’s shoes. When you are an 11-year-old teen, it doesn’t seem so cool. So why not say that you are 14? Especially when it is a random stranger asking you how old you are. This little lie won’t hurt anyone, right? It’s also a good strategy to make friends with some older guys who seem godsome because of their age.

Texting someone is great unless it is a teen’s parent

If you want to discover some fun facts for teens, the one about texting is apparently the most common. Teens are immersed into their cell phones. They text their friends every five minutes. The funny statistics about teenagers show that 42% of teenagers can text even with their eyes closed! But when they receive messages from their parents, they tend to ignore them.

The most widespread excuse you can hear is the following: “Sorry, I did not see your text message.” Surely, you don’t believe these words. But you have to accept them. Alternitevely, you can track Viber messages on their iPhones or any other messaging platforms for that matter. Thus, you’ll see whether it’s only you they ignore or they really don’t respond to anyone when they’re busy.

teen texting


Girls can skip school if they don’t like the way they look

Appearance is paramount for almost any girl. If such happens that she doesn’t like her reflection in the mirror today, she feels down because of this. By and large, about 70% of girls may ignore their daily routines in this case. This may sound funny to you. Yet, for the unassertive girl, it feels like a tragedy. So please, be very cautious when making comments on your daughter’s appearance. Tell her how beautiful and special she is.

The reason to clean a place is having a home party

Do you feel sick and tired of asking your child to clean the room? It seems that they don’t hear you. They don’t care about the mess around. It irritates you a lot, doesn’t it? But the situation may change dramatically. In happens when your teen is having their friends over. It is a solid reason to clean a place and make it shine. They want to save the face.

messy room teens


Making jokes of a sibling is an extremely hilarious thing

Do you have two children? If so, you must have noticed how they make fun of each other from time to time. For example, they can scare each other at night. Sarcasm seems hilarious for them, too. You shouldn’t have to worry that much. It’s a common thing for siblings to behave like this. Though it may take a few years, it won’t last forever. The things will get better. Be patient.

Teens desperately want their parents to buy a pet

Try to find a teenager who doesn’t want to have a pet. They promise to walk a dog on a leash, feed and take care of it. However, experience shows that it is you who will be responsible for taking care of the new family member. Are you ready to do all the things mentioned above? Most teenagers are too irresponsible to do it themselves. Take this matter really seriously.

girl with dog


Teenagers are way smarter than adults

Teens have no life experience yet. However, they tend to believe they are smarter than you. This is one of the reasons they prefer not to share their thoughts and feelings with you. You are too old, you won’t understand. The years will pass, and teens will realize how wrong they were. But such story repeats over and over again.

Let’s hope that these funny teenage facts covered in the article will help you understand teens better. What interesting facts about teens can you remember? If you can’t recall any, simply take a closer look at your child. You will surely discover some new and exciting things.

Have you noticed these things in your teen? Share it with us!

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