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Future of Parenting: What Raising Kids Will Be Like in 20 Years

September 25, 2017
mom teaches her daughter

If 20 years ago someone told our parents that modern technologies would become a common and inseparable part of our daily life starting from the early childhood, they probably would be surprised. Back in 1990’s, cell phones and the World Wide Web were only gaining their popularity and one could hardly imagine that soon many people will eagerly spend hours online messaging and video chatting with their friends and family rather than meeting in person. Neither could our parents expect that the Internet and the latest techie mobile devices will change the role of parent, as well as the child-raising techniques.

In the age of technology, our way and style of life keep changing faster every day. It is exciting to imagine the future of parenting within the next 20 years: what education and leisure of kids of the future will be like? How will relationships between parents and children change? How will family values evolve by 2037? This article offers you a few predictions and ideas about the parenting of the future, based on the latest parenting trends that will surely make their impact on the future family.

Source: javi_indy / Freepik

Source: javi_indy / Freepi


1.Children and parents will spend more time together

The modern job market has become more competitive than ever before with the employers constantly raising their demands to the employees. However, if you think that in future parents are likely to spend even more time at work and less time with their children, you might be mistaken. In a short span of time between 2005 and 2012, telecommuting in the US has been reported to rise over 80%, with estimated over 2.6% of employees working remotely. With this tendency growing stronger, a great number of American parents soon will have chances to get a job that allows them to work in the comfort of their own home. It also means that moms and dads will have more time to spend with their little ones, without the need to enroll them in daycare centers, after-school programs or hire a babysitter.

As for the children, their daily routine may change greatly, too. With educational process becoming more interactive and in tune with modern technologies, schoolchildren might get fewer home tasks in future or even take courses in certain subjects online. As for the college students, getting their higher education via the Internet is an already increasing tendency. Thus, children may also get more time to spend in their family circle within the next few decades.

Spending more time together may help both parents and their kids develop closer family bonds and understand each other better.

2.Housekeeping will become easier

The idea of techie savvy “smart” houses of the future has already become widespread on the media. A wonder interactive AI system will maintain any housekeeping needs of a family, including cleaning, washing, cooking and even shopping, while parents and children will enjoy more leisure time together. Isn’t it an awesome change to look forward to?

3.Telepathy might become the future of communication

Today, parents can stay in touch with their kids through the messages, phone or video calls, or simply face to face. However, ways of communication more than anything are likely to evolve in future. While today’s means of communication will still be available, many biggest tech industry experts (for example, the chief futurist of Cisco Labs Dave Evans and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg) see the future of communication in telepathy. Downloading/uploading information to/from our brains, searching the web or communicating with someone “through our thoughts over the Internet” will be possible with the help of a tiny silicone implant in our body.

Thus, you will be able to contact your kids any time of the day at any place and always know what they are up to. However, telepathy may also defy new parenting challenges. It will be hard, if not impossible, to monitor a kid’s online contacts and activity, which may expose them to numerous threats, such as meeting online fraudsters and predators, cyberbullying, etc. What we can hope for is that along with the innovative ways of communication, the new means of parental monitoring will be invented.


Seurce: kjpargeter / Freepik

4.Parenting will become easier with latest technologies

An awesome video released some time ago by Fisher-Price gives us an insight in what parenting will be like just in few decades. Interactive toys and virtual play rooms that entertain a child and respond to their interests will help them to discover the world. “Smart” cradles will let moms and dads know when their baby is awake in the middle of the night and even inform if the little one is hungry or his diaper needs to be changed. AI and augmented reality are likely to become a common part of our everyday life, making it brighter and freeing up our time.

5.Children will grow up being eco-conscious

All exciting things described above may mean nothing in future if we won’t learn to take care of our planet. Obviously, becoming environmentally aware and sensitive is one of our vital goals. Educating our children to live in harmony with nature is something that every parent should consider. Eco-friendly houses, transport running on renewable resources and industry with the minimum environmental impact will evolve to become an inseparable part of our kids’ lives.

6.Parents will be raising resilient and compassionate kids

Aside from being eased with the latest technologies, life in future will also throw many new challenges, so will it be changing constantly and rapidly. This is why parents in future will have to teach their kids to be resilient and adaptable.

Besides, future children will be well aware of the hardships other people are facing worldwide. They will learn to appreciate all the benefits that technologies provide them with, and will be ready to make the life of others better, too.

These are just mere predictions of what our life and life of our kids would be like in future. No matter what happens, parents should educate their children to be highly-adaptable and open-minded, to be able to meet any, even most incredible changes.

Are you ready for the future?

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