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Google Introduced New Parental Control Options for Play Market

July 7, 2015
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All parents will dully appreciate new Google Play Store changes introduced at Google I/O 2015. Meet new “family friendly” categories of games, movies, applications, and TV shows – from now on, they all are labeled with a green star.

With this new feature, parents can easily use Play Store and select applications by age as well as look through the dedicated pages for popular among kids characters. Other improvements include:

  • stronger password protection for in-app purchases;
  • labeling for ad-supported apps;
  • “Family Home” – a place where parents can find all appropriate apps for their children.

At last Google tends an issue of parental control, however, it is obvious that much more should be done.

Children still have a possibility to surf through Play Store and download inappropriate apps. Thus, parents still have to monitor their online activities, as well as browsing on the Internet. Luckily, they have a helpful assistant that secures children from inappropriate usage of the Internet and applications.

Pumpic, an enhanced parental control application, is vital for parents as it allows to not only control the use of suitable apps, but also block any other applications, monitor children online activities, block access to undesirable websites, and track GPS location of the target device.

Moreover, with the help of Pumpic parents have a possibility of protecting children from cyberbullying and online harassment, as they are able to look through messages of IM chats, emails, and social networks.

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