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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Children

October 13, 2015
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Halloween is right about to come, which means your kids can’t sit still already awaiting for candies, parties, trick-or-treating. As a careful parent, you should realize how many potential risks such communication events usually have and avert dangers in advance.

Especially considering that on Halloween, your children are going to spend much time on dark streets of your neighborhood alone.

And remember, not only does Pumpic secure your kids online and on the phone, but protects them wherever they go. Thus, by using a track location feature during All Hallows’ Evening you will always know where your children are, which houses they have already visited, and where they are going to go next.

Tips to Protect Your Kids on Halloween

Plan a route. Discuss which houses your kids are allowed to visit and which ones should be avoided. Explain them that some streets are safe, meanwhile it’s better to keep away from others. Your children should travel only on familiar streets and routes they know, so as to not get lost.

Don’t worry! With Pumpic, you will be able to easily track your kids remotely from home and monitor the entire route history to follow them on the go.

In addition, a geo-fencing feature will let you set restricted areas, where your kids are not allowed to approach. Thus, you will be alerted if your children enter areas you haven’t approved.

No cutting routes. Your kids should follow the route you have approved. Remind them to stay on the sidewalks and to not cut the approved route through any yards, parking lots, alleys, or any other short paths.

Rest assured that your children do not cheat and stick to your planned route. Track them in real time with Pumpic.

Check-in timely. Tell your kids to call your regularly and inform where they are, what they are doing, and where are going to go.

Pumpic’s gonna be of help here as well. Track children on the map and use geo-fences to receive a notification as soon as your kids leave or enter some particular checkpoints (e.g. houses of your neighbors).

With lights on. Explain your kids they should visit only neighbors’ houses that have the lights on. Turning the lights off means that home is either out of candies or simply not participating.

No candy eating. Prevent your children from eating treats until they come back home and an adult checks all candy. Also, tell your kids to not eat any homemade food offered by strangers.

Stranger danger. Explain your children they should never enter a stranger’s house, get into a car, or follow a stranger anywhere by under any circumstances.

Tips for Parents

Safe costume. Make sure that a costume your kid will put on is visible in the dark and comfortable to move. If it has no bright colors, use some reflecting elements to make your children visible on the road.

Parental control. Talk to your kids. Explain them safety rules and potential stranger risks. Use the Pumpic mobile application to secure children both online and during daily activities. Leave no chances to cyberbullies and online predators. Prevent your kids from accessing sexually suggestive and violent content. Track them on the go. Keep your eyes open!

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